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Seeking Last 2 VMKK: Offering Finder's Fee


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Hi everyone!

I'm trying to collect a full set of Vacuum Metal Krana Kal (VMKK), and I only need the "Za" and "Ja" variants (pictured below) to achieve this. They are incredibly hard to find, as they were only distributed to the Protosquad and some attendees of the promotional van tour in the early 2000s. My few leads have not panned out, so I'm turning to the community for help!

I'm willing to pay a generous price for these last 2 krana. I'm also offering a $100 USD finder's fee to anyone who can point me to owners I haven't met yet (provided that a successful sale/trade occurs). I promise to be honest in awarding this :)

I'm also open to trading some of my collection for the 2 krana. I have a large number of things I could offer, including:


Brown Komau (for both krana)

Trans-orange kraata from Nike shoes

Pearl Gold Kraahkan 

Pearl Gold Visorak shell

Almost any retail Bionicle set

Many other items: please ask!


Thank you for your help! 





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