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Jimmy Power Master 2.0, 3.0, And 4.0


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I have to suggest that if you're going to post this many MOCs in short succession, they ought to go in a single topic. It's annoying seeing a wall of extremely simple MOCs all by the same MOCist when I enter the BBC forum, only interrupted by occasional MOCs by other users. In fact, if you know you're going to be making and posting a lot of MOCs you might consider putting all of your MOCs in a single topic, the way many prolific BZPower artists used to do with artwork.Anyway, I think all of the versions of this hero are extremely underwhelming. Part of the problem with the 2.0 and 3.0 versions is the generic design that comes with all Hero Recon Team heroes, but they could be improved with a more organized color scheme. The 3.0 one is the better of these two, since the blue spikes are on one shoulder, the green spikes are on another shoulder, and the blue and green details correspond almost exactly across the axis of symmetry (save for the head and Hero Core which line up with it, but are still well-balanced by having one in blue and one in green).The 4.0 one mostly just looks messy in my opinion. Again you did a good job establishing symmetry in his armor styles, and balanced asymmetry with his shoulder spikes. But being armed with two over-the-top weapons that have very little stylistic consistency between them makes him feel cluttered. I recommend ditching the silver launcher on the sword's hilt and ditching the silver hook piece on the shield weapon in his right hand. That simplifies the color scheme and the weapon designs significantly. Also, I'd recommend switching the shield/blaster and sword, so that the transparent blue parts are on the side with the blue shoulder spike and the transparent green sword blade is on the side with the green shoulder spike. A simpler alternative is just switching the shoulder spikes, but either way I feel balancing those colors will help.

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