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Howdy folks. You've probably heard about the 2012 MOCathalon over at MOCpages? Yeah, well this is something I built for the category 'Will it Blend?'The idea was to fuse two different Lego themes together. Instantly I thought I should use Bionicle in some way then BAM! It hit me: Gukko Birds have 4 wings, as do X-Wing Fighters from Star Wars... I'ma make a Gukko X-Wing!


^Click for gallery^

In the end I just went with the basic shape of an X-Wing and used bits and pieces of what makes a Gukko Bird unique (colours, beak, katanas etc.). I'm aware that it's missing a few details on the X-Wing side of it, but I'm still pleased with the result.

NOTE: The wings are meant to be simple. I tried detailed/complex designs and it actually looked terrible, so the simplistic approach was really the only way here.

C&C muchly appreciated <3-FtC

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Looks really good overall, I see the similarities to both. I like the use of the visorak body in the framework, those things make for great structural pieces and I haven't seem them used often.But one of the X-Wing's defining characteristics is its 4 engines - this has 2, they're way too big, and they should be on the wings, not the body. Those little knobs which were used on the axalara to control the functions would probably be a better size - possibly a little small, but probably more accurate than these.Oh, and hi, haven't talked to you in quite a while.

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Everything flows very nicely, and it's easy to tell that it's a fusion. One detail you might add would be a equivalent of an R2 unit behind the cockpit. A Krana, or some other small Bionicle-related thing? A mask would be too big, though it would tie in nicely.

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