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Fangz Shark And Andalite


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Well, the forums are back, and people are reacquainting themselves with BZPower. So I'll post something before I forget that I don't like posting in the BBC. :P Anyway, here are two Hero-Factory-esquay MOCs that I created for the convention season and stuffs. Both were at BrickFair 2011 and BrickCon 2011... although I'm sure few people actually remember seeing them at the convention. I haven't got much feedback on them so far... maybe that can change here? Maybe? Let's see! Pictures from Flickr (my account, obviously, it's not like I'm stealing stuff, and if I am, I'm sure I could do better than me...) Fangz Shark 6188003968_d6194720d2.jpg This simple guy is constructed using mostly pieces from the Fangz HF set. Okay, I lie; the longer black armor pieces and two spikes did end up coming from Scorpio, and the stand is obviously system. But I was disappointed with the actual Fangz set, and I feel that this MOC condensed it down nicely, and the head is still suitable for a shark. Kinda. Well, at least I got rid of those stupid neck spears. Anyway, a truly Hero Factory MOC, no? Andalite 6187482425_1073bcd76a.jpg Anyone remember Animorphs? :P Anyway, this is my third or so attempt at MOCing an Andalite, and this time I made use of the Hero Factory elements. The bulk of the body IS constructed from ball-joint limb and body pieces... I was partially inspired after building Scorpio. It could be better, yes, but I love how the tail came out. Also, I had to buy an insane amount of Surge 2.0 sets to get enough blue armor pieces, since he's the only set that has them in blue. Okay, so I only bought 4, and on sale too, but I didn't want Surge in the first place, so it was a tough call. Um, that's it for now. I have some more things that I need to take pictures of, as well as some ideas that need to be made. Maybe I'll start posting MOCs here again. Maybe. Anyway, thanks for reading (or not). :music:

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So I'm a big fan of HF sharks. I think the smooth plates and the ball joint system can lend themselves to their design a lot more readily than System or Bionicle. This shark is a nice practical implementation of this, very simple, but really capturing the shark essence. But the thing that surprised me the most about it was the Fangz head. I'd never paid attention that set, but seeing it here, it occurs to me that that head is an almost perfect head for a Dunkleosteus. I might have to tinker with something...The Andalite lacks in that simplicity, or rather, it lacks in elegance. The basic form is good, but the details aren't quite there. The legs, for example, lack a proper unguligrade skeletal structure and get thickest at the bottom. The tail doesn't taper and is in fact thickest around the centre. The plates making up the lower torso concentrate their bulk to the rear rather than having an even distribution. And the head ends up looking rather blocky, especially because of the eyestalks and the lack of ears. As a simple remedy, I'd suggest flipping the order of limb segments in the legs upside down, moving the larger plates towards the base of the tail, and flipping the Bohrok ribs to be aligned hips-front. Anyway, it's still a far cry above any other Bionicle Andalite that I've seen.

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The shark looks quite streamlined, though I think its body is too thick in the middle.As for the Andalite -- woot, another Animorphs reader! :P That said, I think the right angle from the lower torso to upper torso appears rather sharp; perhaps you could figure out a way to smoothen that transition? The lower torso is rather thick, at least compared to the thin legs. I do like the tail, but its base should look more covered in my opinion.

Sadly, your Andalite looks like it has a mouth.

I have to agree with this: That circle does look somewhat like a mouth. The piece itself makes the head look oddly rotund, though I don't know what you could use to replace it.Otherwise, awesome work. Edited by Legolover-361
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