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Ever wondered what would happen if you cross two themes? No? Well this happens.


I made this for "MOCathalon 2012" on MOCpages. A fun contest where every team member must build something that matches one of the thirty categories.

I took the category "Will it blend" which means I had to combine two themes together.So I present"Atlantis Factory""We Build Divers"

Trilobite (Credit to Railblade)Helmet detail

Brickshelf Gallery (When public)

MOCpages (for those who cannot wait)

Enjoy and C&C appreciated

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it's gone now

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Wow, this looks amazing. I like the detail you put in it and how you actually made it stay true to both themes. Looks really impressive, I like it a lot, especially the legs and weapon. One thing that looks a tad odd is probably the "wings/fins" in the back. I'm pretty sure its there to just make the back less empty, but it still just looks really odd. Aside from that I think this is a great moc, nice job!~Soran


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This is absolutely amazing. Just ... wow. It looks great, and the flow is impeccable. Naturally I love the feet (I use the same design on all my Toa, incidentally) and the color layering is superb. Maybe the waist could be ... different. It isn't that it's too thin, but the slant is a bit off.Anywhoo, great MOC.a_peace.png

15037057692_2fb1ce338a_t.jpg     15034366641_d827682ab5_m.jpg     15037424595_cf284dac70_t.jpg


Toa Gali Nuva

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