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I had a rabbit for a short time, his name was Thumper. We got him from some friends who got him from a school. We let him run around outdoors, and one time when I was out, my mom was supposed to be watching, and when I returned, he was missing. There'd been a raccoon hanging around the backyard for some time, so he may have taken the bunny. We also babysat a rabbit for a few weeks. She was huge, about the size of a cat, and really vicious. She growled, bit, and was very unpleasant. But I enjoyed having her, she was still a cute bunny. When we had Thumper, our ferret kept trying to bite his neck, it was sort of funny, but I don't know what would have happened if we still had thumper. Killed by our ferret just as she killed our mice? =)

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I had a grey rabbit named Hopscotch. She was awesome, but we let her live outside in the wild, and one day she was beheaded by a raccoon. Now I have a similarly grey bunny named George. He is named after what Hugo the abominable Snowman calls Bugs Bunny in that one cartoon. Right now I'm reading the book, Of Mice and Men, for school. And now I know that by extension, my awesome bunny is named after the George from that story. Which is too bad because I don't like that book and George murders Lennie. But George isn't actually mine. He is technically my Mom's, and also the rest of my family's. And we keep him in the kitchen. Where all he does is poo. And no one really wants to clean him. And I don't really care. So we might get rid of him. Basically, the moral of my hastily written story is that grey rabbits are awesome =D ~Roablin


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