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Drakua Toa of Rahi

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waffleman2010.png Presents:



Matoran kit for now.


Toa: More to add soon!


More to add soon! Toa Metru


Banner for Waffleman Inc.:


Fan kits:none yet.

Workers:Drakua(AKA moi)

Comments, criticism, reviews, and tips accepted.

Fan kits appreciated.

Flames, spams, and nonsense unappreciated.

©Drakua And Waffleman Inc.™

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The Matoran do look a lot like Chimoru, but the Toa look like a small version of Danska.Other than that, I think you've done a pretty good job on this.


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The Matoran look very similar to Chimoru but the Toa are really well-done and set-accurate, if a bit lanky. However, the kit would've looked better if you avoided pillow shading.

EDIT: Well, it isn't really pillow shading but I still can't help thinking something isn't quite right with the shading, it just doesn't look natural.

Edited by Onepu the Protector
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