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The Bionicle Last Letter Game


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I thought I'd post this on the new forum.


Rules / Aim of the game:

All ordinary BZP rules apply, obviously. After I say a Bionicle-associated name, the person after me will post another name beginning with the last letter of the previous name. Then the next person will do the same, and so on. For example:

Person 1: Icarax.

Person 2: Xia.

Person 3: Axonn.etc.


Try to say a name that hasn't been already said, but it's fine if you don't. If someone has said a name which is made up of two words, for example Mata Nui, say one which begins with the last letter of the last word. And REMEMBER, if someone says a name which ends with an X, say XIA! It never fails. Also, because this is the BIONICLE last letter game, don't say any HF-related words. Let's keep this to Bionicle please ^_^


Rules on banning:

If a member continually says non-Bionicle related words, or spams, he will be banned for 7 days.


Have fun!


So, I'll start:


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For me, BIONICLE was an epic science fantasy saga with a deep and complex lore, and was best when it was exactly that in its later years. I'm not sorry if that offended you.

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Ul...it's a type of Kraata

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