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It's Koth's Birthday


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Because ambiguous titles are annoying and overusedSO YEAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOTHRA :3You should wish him happy birthday too. It's a nice thing to do. And you're nice people, RIGHT? Right.

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*hums that one Beatles song*

That being said, thag thag thaggity thag thagness.



"A memo was sent to Astaria asking if it would at all be possible to make a flying goat."

"The Astarians responded that making a goat fly would be trivial; making it land safely would be another matter entirely."

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hooray.Enjoy your laptop and elder-ness. : D


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Happy birthday, Koth! Make it count! :)


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Slow day at school, pretty good day otherwise.As far as loot goes, i haven't taken pics yet, and my laptop hasn't even shipped yet. :/ Everything else is awesome.Also I only had a little bit of cake because I had tons of Starburst earlier.And thanks to all of you. I think this is the most people who have said happy birthday to me so far on here. It makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

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Happy birthday 'Koth. As a reward for being old, You have the choice of having either a A-10' crash into you, or get to be catapulted several miles by a helicopter blade :L--Akaku

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