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General Art Contest #18: Lego Battlescapes -- Preliminary Poll B

Read the starting post below before voting, then select the number of the entry you prefer  

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I voted for #6. While Crunchy's entry in poll A underwhelmed me, this one has truly epic composition and is far simpler to understand. It helps that in this one the artist is only working with existing, recognizable characters, whereas in their first entry they had to both invent new depictions of characters and imbue them with emotions. The fact that it chose a less traditional "battlescape" (an internal mental battle instead of an external physical one) only earns it points in my book.

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Entry #6 is the most well-drawn of all of these, in my opinion, and despite being extremely unconventional it's also one of the ones where it's clearest what's actually going on. Both the characters are posed dynamically, and the composition truly draws the viewer's attention to the center of the conflict.

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I went with 6, though 3 looked great and 2 was a cool concept.

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