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Another Birthday?

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Actually, yes! Today, following up on the last three days of staff birthdays, is TMD's 21st birthday!I'm slightly surprised no-one started to wish him a happy birthday earlier, but... better late than never, right?/EDIT: Dang habit of posting before being finished. xDHappy birthday TMD! Hope your birthday's great. =D

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Happy birthday! ^_^

On the day the wall came down / They threw the locks onto the ground

And with glasses high / We raised a cry / For freedom had arrived


On the day the wall came down / The ship of fools had finally run aground

Promises lit up the night / Like paper doves in flight


I dreamed you had left my side / No warmth, not even pride remained

And even though you needed me / It was clear that I could not do a thing for you


Now life devalues day by day / As friends and neighbors turn away

And there's a change that even with regret / Cannot be undone


Now frontiers shift like desert sands / While nations wash their bloodied hands

Of loyalty, of history / In shades of grey


I woke to the sound of drums / The music played, the morning sun streamed in

I turned and I looked at you / And all but the bitter residues slipped away


slipped away...



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Happy Birthday Iron Man. :P

Happy birthday Mr. Stark! :P-Gata signoff.jpg

You both get 42 Spiffpoints to be spent/brought up at a later date.

Happy birthday, staffie of dashes and underscores!

Would you believe it that once upon a time I was tempted to remove 'em?

Happy birthday TMD (why does that sound like a drug :fear:)! :biggrin:

I am rather hard to give up. You know how it is.

Happy birthday! Hopefully you can have fun doing cool stuff only 21-year-olds can do. :)~B~

Aaaand, done. =PThanks ya'll. I'd say 'you too', but, well, you know how it is.TMD

Hand-drawn, bespoke avatar by none other than Mushy the Mushroom.


a body adrift in water, salt, and sky

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