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The Hero Of Fire

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Okay, let me just start off by saying a few things. First, don't nag at me because of lack of complexity. I've been around here long enough for me to tell you like to hate on simple things. Second, I know the bright orange upper leg armor doesn't blend very well. I wish they made those pieces in dark red. Third, I also figured out something very important while building this MOC. I HATE THOSE BLUE PINS. Unfortunately, I don't have enough black ones to put in here. Anyways, onto the MOC itself.This is my entry for the BBC #63, though people are definitely not going to let anything simple get past the first voting round. There is quite a lot of backstory to this MOC, and to tell you it, I'd have to make an Epic. Looooooooooong story short, this guy was a Glatorian blacksmith until a Great Being gave him elemental powers to defend Spherus Magna aginst a Makuta. Time for pictures!

The pins on his back are so he can

store his sword.


(I spelled that wrong, didn't I?)

All I ask for is some CONSTRUCTIVE criticism, no 'this moc scks to smple lawl nwb!'Seriously, I get WAY too much of that junk.

"Whether that is right or not...I also...as a Rider...have a wish that I want to fulfill."

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Well I might as well just say it. It looks so much like Malum if he went on a diet.The orange armor doesn't look all that great. Not only because how much it sticks out, but also because it covers so little.That is also another problem with this moc, it has so little armor in some places, and in other places the armor is bulky and looks way out of place.Also the shield looks very out of place. The silver stands out a lot and it has so many gaps in the shield, it just doesn't look practical.The feet are a bit large and look very clunky. Also I know you do not want to hear this but it is too simple. Sometimes simple can be great, but it can behard to do that. This has to little complexity and its so gangly it just doesn't look good.Sorry if I come off a bit rude but I believe in giving my honest opinion.Good luck in the contest.

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I think the main thing this MOC needs is some black on the torso. It would make a huge difference in the appearance. As-is, it seems, at first glance, very thrown together, due to the black HF skeleton pieces in contrast with the keetorange body. Add some black, maybe with a Y-socket in the Malum foot and a little something on the chest area, and it looks a bit more intentional and organized. I've found that putting two socket balls on the uppermost pin holes of the Inika torso with a long Inika thight between them, and then a Metru chest or other 1-stud high addition on the waist, is an easy way to add color and bulk to and Inika torso and still use almost any torso armor on top of it.Beyond that, definitely add some armor to the upper arms.I like the character design is good, but those two things really detract from it. The HF limbs and Inika torso is a good idea.


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Hm, very simple. One of the first things I look at on a MOC is the color scheme, and you have that down pretty well. The black flows nicely with the other colors.The build? Very simple and a little awkward. The light grey sheild piece on his arm stands out from the rest of his color scheme. If you have the Mata Nui set (and it looks like you do, seeing as I haven't seen the grey sheild piece anywhere else) and are willing to MOC with it, then you should use his shoulder armor there instead. It would flow with his color scheme.


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The Kalmah armor gives him a really skinny midsection, but hey, it's better than nothing. His biceps need to be armored, and he could stand more custom. To be honest, it needs more fire than orange, red, yelow printing, and a Malum helmet. Still, good luck in the contest!


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