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Unit AX-1 Data File

Used in the Magna War, these

war bots were top of the line tochnolgy, with advanced shielding, intelligence, and weapon power. Their back-mounted shield generators proved more than sufficient enough to withstand a Nova Blast at point-blank range. Their heads alone took nearly two years to design, with the orange spike seen on Unit AX-1's head denoting it's status as General. The weapons systems were Plasma Cannons designed to pump plasma into damaging beams of energy. They were designed to function in any enviroment, and their legs even extended for walking in thick swamps. For the entire photographic view, visit the gallery when released to the public.

End of Transmission

A few notes about this MOC. The head design really did take almost two years to finalize, though the rest of the body was ready much earlier, in 2010! It was hard to find a head that would go well with the shape. Please excuse the blue pins and red connectors, I don't have enough of those in other colors. Please, stick to constructive crticism only, no complaing about it simply because it's not a giant.I still get way too much of that.

"Whether that is right or not...I also...as a Rider...have a wish that I want to fulfill."

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