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aclogo20.pngFormerly known as BIONICLE: Untold and brought to you by Mata Nui Inc and KanohiJournal Publications----

With the goal of sustaining fan interest in the BIONICLE community, Ancient Chronicle is an open story project produced by Mata Nui Inc. Everyone is welcomed to contribute to the various aspects of the project by offering ideas, feedback and participating in the process of writing stories.While many projects have storylines which focus on current events in the BIONICLE story, or envision future ones, Ancient Chronicle focuses on the past. It is the first large-scale project to create stories based on the history of Spherus Magna and its inhabitants, from well before the Core War. Two fan-made, non-canon (yet strictly followed by it) story serials will be published between now and the next few months, with an additional two more scheduled after their completion.To enhance the experience, Ancient Chronicle by Mata Nui Inc. will follow the spirit of technological innovation offered as part of KanohiJournal Publications. All stories published will be available in e-book format, allowing the stories to be available offline and on every device, ranging from desktop PCs to mobile devices. But we aren’t stopping there, all the serials will be turned into audiobooks, so you can enjoy them while doing anything, and quickly. A special multi-voiced audiobook will also be produced, along with plans for additional media about the serials, such as wallpapers and 3D models.Ancient Chronicle will serve as a prequel to the Biological Chronicle and the toyline that amazed us all. Join us in shaping BIONICLE’s distant past today.

Story Serials

Below are the descriptions of the four individual story serials, that most of the project's work revolves around.The origins of Spherus Magna are finally coming to light, in Origins and its sequel, Altum Bellum. From a Hermit's dark plans to the Great Beings' arrival and the division it creates, recount the tale of how, through chaos and war, today's Spherus Magna's society is formed.From the ashes of war the Great Beings rose to leadership status over the Spherus Magnans; but, wishing to challenge themselves even more, they opted to begin work on their largest creation yet: a gigantic, autonomous robot body. But as shown in The Grand Creation and Price of Jealousy, not all the Great Beings agree with the plan -- and there are some who would stop it at all costs, and even those who "agree" have their reasons.DownloadsOrigins ( - Prologue and Chapter One)

Ancient Chronicle Media Department

The Ancient Chronicle media service is a further development of the four canon-strict written main story serials. Focusing on transferring the feel and the hype of the serial into every platform, the media will resolve around free-to-download wallpapers and set instructions about the characters of the serials. Expanding on the experience will be audiobook versions of the serials, as well as a special multi-voiced one.Their Mistake AudiobookBased on the tales of the Core Wars in the official canon, an audiobook will be produced, called Their Mistake. It will expand on particular events, such as the true story of the Core War, the Shattering, and the ambitious Great Beings. But is there more to see? Did everything really begin with two rivals, Fire and Ice, or is something, or someone evolved in these events? No matter the case, the Core War wasn't as simple as we thought it was.Are you interested in post-Core War stories? Then it's your chance to play a role! As the script is passing it's final stage, Mata Nui Inc is currently searching for voice Actors.Set Instructions, Wallpapers and 3D ModelsA further expansion of the Ancient Chronicle serials, the set instructions and the 3D wallpapers will be available for download in the foreseeable future, in all know PCs and mobile devices. As Ancient Chronicle is looking forward to sustaining the interest in BIONICLE, a successful toyline, the point is not just to create stories, but a neat replacement of the sets. With wallpapers of every character to participate in the serials, set instructions of the characters and more, such as bios and stats, the Ancient Chronicle project will cover all sectors of the BIONCLE franchise, reaching into each and every fan, no matter the age.AudiobooksThe Audiobooks are narrated versions of the four serials. They will be available for download in KanohiJournal Publications in the next months, coordinated with the downloads of the serials.

----More Downloadable Content-Origins Poster-Origins Banner-More Coming Soon-----mni_logo11.png----kjlogo.png

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Auditions are now open for the audio serial and audiobooks.

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