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This is a Classic Castle structure I designed to hold my pocket watches. It's a water mill-powered clock.


1 2 (yes, those are bells)34 (happy bucket is happy :sigh:)56Folder (when public)Some updates to it:1 - Improved tree (kinda; the top where the gray part shows bugs me, but it bugs me less than the original tree, which had no top to it)2 - A bit more texturization on the water. And Trevor (not really lol).3 - More water texture (and cat hair, apparently - ignore that).4 - You can't really tell, but I added a plate for the statue to stand on; before this, it would just kinda sit loosely in that cubby (which sucked because anytime I'd pick this thing up and move it around, it'd fall out).The first floor is vaguely designed; the second floor pretty much has no interior. I wanted to focus a lot more on the outer landscaping and architecture than I did interior design - I have other MOCs for that mess. Also the gears...don't do anything, to be honest. The day I can actually build something with working gears will be a day full of miracles, indeed. This MOC suffers from Big Gray Wall syndrome, also, but to be honest I'm not too concerned with it. Sure, it could be improved by it, but this was built primarily for the same reason Lego still makes those watches and alarm clocks you can build on. Hooray for practicality.

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very impressive, it sounds kinda steampunk-ish to me, but that makes it better! good use of flower stem pieces, making it look overgrown, but some vine attached to the side of the building would be good

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