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BIONICLE COMICS (NOT ALL ARE MINT CONDITION) [iMAGES POSTED] Challenge of the Rahi (McToran comic)---#4 The Bohrok Awake (January 2002)-#6 Into the Nest (May 2002)#7 What Lurks Below (July 2002)#8 The End of the Toa (September 2002)#9 Divided we Fall (December 2002)#10 The Coming of the Kal (January 2003)#11 Who Will Stop the Borohk Kal? (March 2003)-#13 Unleash the Rahkshi (July 2003)#14 A Hero Will Be Revealed [shiny Takanuva cover] (September 2003)#15 What is Vakama's Secret? (November 2003)-#17 In the Grip of the Morbuzakh (March 2004)#18 Showdown (May 2004)#19 Surrender or Run (July 2004)#20 Danger is the Dark Hunters (September 2004)#21 Nightmare (November 2004)#22 Hordika Unleashed (January 2005)#23 Vengeance of the Visorak (March 2005)#24 Reign of Darkness (May 2005)#25 The Final Battle (July 2005)-#27 Fractures (November 2005)CATALOGS (BIONICLE CONTENT IN PARENTHESIS) January 2004 Shop at Home Catalog (Mask of Light sets)Summer 2004 Shop at Home Catalog (Toa Metru + Vahki + Dark Hunters sets) Fall 2004 Shop at Home Catalog (Bionicle Costumes)Holiday 2004 Shop at Home Catalog (Toa Lhikan and Kikanalo, Shoes + Books)January 2005 Shop at Home Catalog (Toa Hordika + Rahaga)Fall 2005 Shop at Home Catalog (Bionicle Costumes + Metru Nui Playsets + Metru Titans + Toa Iruni)January 2006 Shop at Home Catalog (Piraka, Voya Matoran)Are these anything buyers would be interested in?tumblr_m6p6563E4V1r69il3o3_250.jpgtumblr_m6p6563E4V1r69il3o2_250.jpgtumblr_m6p6563E4V1r69il3o1_500.jpg

Joined BZP as a twelve year old back in 2003.

Now an almost 21-year old Lego junkie.

Kind of wish Digimon was still mainstream.


Long time reader, occasional poster.



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