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General Art Contest #18: Lego Battlescapes -- Third Place Tiebreaker

Read the starting post below before voting, then select the number of the entry you prefer  

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It's tiebreaker time!This art contest allowed multiple entries per member, but for the 1st through 3rd place prizes three different members must win. The "final" poll showed the same member winning both first and second. The second image will be turned into an honorable mention. This moves up the third place image to second place, and leaves us with a tie for third place.That 3rd Place tie is what this poll is for. Choose which of these two images you like best!Tiebreaker begins now, ends July 14 at 11:59 PM EST (a Saturday; just over a week).

  1. thumbnail.jpg Battle in Mangaia
  2. westvspacethumb.png LEGO® Wild West vs. Classic Space

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