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The Adventures of Tahu: How it All Began


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My inspiration for this comedy was during my CCC review of TAoT. The reviewer asked many questions, asking how this happened and that occurred...Well, I'm very happy to answer all of your questions about what happened before TAoT, which is why I created this prequel comedy to TAoT (I also made Ackar and the Hot Hand, which as crazy as it seems, is canon).Presenting The Adventures of Tahu: How it All Began (or TAoT: HAB for short): The Adventures of Tahu: How it All BeganPrologue: Intention

In the beginning of the world, there was nothing...

Yeah, I know. It sounds cliché, doesn’t it? Sorry, but I had to start this comedy with something.

Oh, that’s right, I never introduced myself! I’m Transition Guy, the guy who writes all the titles, transitions, and stuff similar to that in my boss’ (Tahu Nuva: Toa of Silver’s) comedies at NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD.I basically look like a silver Onua Nuva. All the other members of the Toa Nuva work at NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD too, except they’re silver and more powerful versions of them:Censoring Sister (silver Gali Nuva) censors uncool (to say the least) words and information that is not supposed to be known (whether at that time or ever); Narrator (Lewa Nuva) narrates the comedies; the Po-Police (bronze versions of Pohatu Nuva except for the Chief, who is silver) take away people that are not doing their jobs (in work or in the comedy); and the Guards (Kopaka Nuva) protect TN:TS.

Well, now that that’s over with, let’s go back to the story now.

So, in the beginning of the world, there was nothing. No BIONICLE, no lamps, no pie, and certainly no comedies. That was before the Great Beings came to the world of Spherus Magna. They created multiple beings, beautiful lands, jungles, and such. But we know about that already, don’t we?That was millions of years ago, though…way before the true reason everything existed came along and made this and other comedies. His name was Toa Tahu Mata, who later turned into the great and powerful Tahu Nuva: Toa of Silver.But what happened before TAoT? How and why did Helryx take over the Matoran Universe? Why did Axonn go completely insane? Why did all the Toa take Helryx’s side at first? What happened on Bara Magna after Helryx’s big win? And how did TN:TS create a comedy and NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD, or ACRONYM WITHHELD for short? Here is TN:TS on the purpose of this comedy:“Well, to just put it in a PSA or a Special, would confuse the reader more than before. Plus, there is so much expansion that can be done on the subject, so we are putting it in a spin-off comedy.”In short, instead of answering all your questions in one spin-off-like chapter from TAoT, we are putting it in a prequel comedy that will still attach onto TAoT, but introduce new characters and stuff like that. We’re sure you’ll like it! Sincerely, TG and the Crew of NAME AND ADDRESS WITHHELD To Be Continued…Well, how was it? Post your thoughts below! Also, I have made a color chart for this, I will post it when (or if :)) someone replies back!~TN:TS~

The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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TAoT: How it All Began (HAB for short)Chapter 1: Creation At last. The Great Being had finally finished his creations, and they would be the final creations created by the being. Ever. The Great Spirit Robot had been built almost completely, with some Great Beings still working inside, but for the most part, it was habitable. Most of the Matoran were inside already, helping the Great Beings. The First Toa had been created, and she oversaw the work with the Hand of Artakha, which would later become the Order of Mata Nui. The Great Spirit himself was being put into the body, and some Toa had been created as well, such as the fail safes if Mata Nui was to ever be in danger. This is where the Great Being, known as Ranox, made his mistake.“If the Toa were to fail themselves, then the universe would be doomed,” Ranox thought. “There should be a failsafe of a failsafe! Yes…this will work.”I know what you’re thinking...that that’s insane. Well, let’s find out:“Rise, Toa Tahu Mata…or is it Toa Mata Tahu? Or Tahu: Toa Mata?” Ranox queried. “Oh, whatever. Rise, Toa Tahu Mata.”Well, the being did rise. But it did not act the same way the original Tahu Mata did when he awoke.“It’s alive! It’s alive! IT’S ALIVEEEEEEEEE! !!!! !!!!!” Ranox screamed with joy, awakening the other Toa Mata.“Oh, that’s so cliché,” TTM said. “You could have added suspense there by stating that it seemed like years for my eyes to open.”“Well, it probably was years. Time flies in here.”“You know that’s just an idiom, right?” TGM queried.“No, time literally flies in here,” the Great Being said, pointing at a clock that had wings and was flying around the room.“What is that?” TLM questioned.“I could fly better than that,” TPM muttered. “And I’m a Toa of Stone.”“Oh, it’s called Fly By Time. I won 4th place in an inventions fair with it.”“Sure,” TTM said. “Whatever the case, it really stinks,” he said, shooting flames into it. Immediately, the clock exploded.“You. Did. Not. Just. Do. That.”“But I did,” TTM said. “And now it really reeks. Of burnt plastic,” he added, sniffing the remains.“You’re so DEAD,” Ranox said, pulling out a golden axe.“Try us,” TTM said, shooting fire into him. The other Toa shot their respective elements into him too, creating a hard protodermis seal. “Let’s ditch this lab.”The Toa left, but not before being cursed by Ranox: ”The number 4 will haunt you for the rest of your life…as punishment for destroying my 4th place invention.”To Be Continued…

The long awaited third season of TA:OT is finally here!!



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