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A recumbent effigy-styled tomb.


1 2 3 45 6 7 8 9 I'm not really sure where fusion builds go, but considering this one's about 85% System, I'll pop it in here. This was an attempt to recreate a Medieval-styled recumbent effigy, a type of tomb that was common back in those days. This was also supposed to be a monochromatic MOC, which I suppose it still is, if you count both the old and the new dark grays as the same color... :confused:

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Oh, hey, I remember this old MOC! I've always liked the creative design, Tom, particularly with the touches such as the sword. And I think the grey/bley clashes actually add character in this case, as they make it look like old, timeworn stone. Not really much else to add; I'm pretty sure I reviewed it in the old topic at some point, so those points should still stand. ~B~

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I remember seeing this on the old forum - albeit after the topic had died. I really do like the use of the old and new dark grays. Sometimes, it's unavoidable, but here it gives it a really nice texture. I actually prefer this over any true monochromatic version. The head looks like it could move one stud up. What was this guy, a hunchback? :P Overall, I also think you could make the joints a bit more ... solid. The ankles especially looks peaked. I guess this is due to this particular effigy being a little more "in-set", if you will, into the stone. (Also, you should have totally put some set inside it. For lulz.)

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Nice moc, it looks nice but the lower legs look sort of odd to me.

I think the leg problem is because the upper legs are steady at 2 studs wide, yet the lower legs cut back to one stud with the wingy-thingy. The application of two 1x4's should fix that.


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3222944145_69d5a93519.jpgFINALLY mixing the 2 grays is justified! I love how you achieved the effect of having it sunken in. However, I don't think the Hau fits. It sticks out and does not fit the sunken in effect, and the width messes up the proportions a little. I would suggest a custom, brick-built head.


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The repitition is lookin' good on the bottom of the tomb. The body on top has a dead, monument-like look to it that I like. Though the inconsistant color sceme is disruptive.


Why are orange and black such a good color Combination ? Purple is pretty, and so is blue. Pink hurts your eyes, green is quite mellowing, black is very threatning, red is cool, orange is SO awesome, yellow's hard to read... But you can't see white at all! Oh, wait. I forgot brown.


Here's my thoughts: If a person tells the truth and says, " I always lie," Is he lying? Or is he telling the truth? And what has a mouth, but no head, and a body, but no torso? Do caterpillars like to tend to supporting colum of stone's every need? Or is that name misleading by nature? Speaking of nature, why are the children of animals called offspring? don't many young beasts come alive in spring, and thus, should be called onspring? Heeeeeeyy..... I got the first post on a page for the first time. Who knows; it may happen again. What the... It did happen again... and again...



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