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This is a quick MOC I made back in October, but forgot to bring with me when I moved to Oregon in January, and then again when I visited Oklahoma in April, and then had shipped to me this past week. It is of Duncan Bulk from the Hero Factory Savage Planet arc. He is in Hero Recon duds because why not.bulk00.jpgbulk01.jpg_thumb.jpg | bulk02.jpg_thumb.jpg | bulk03.jpg_thumb.jpg | bulk04.jpg_thumb.jpg | bulk05.jpg_thumb.jpg


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The lower legs are a tad bit pudgy, but I'm glad to see someone use the droid feet in conjunction with the Hero Factory cladding. Droid feet are always welcome.He's chickeny in some places, and the torso is a little jumbled, but... that weapon. So cool.

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Can't wait to see this at Brickfair (and to snatch up some prototype pieces as well)! :)Anywho, this is quite an MOC. The idea of bringing in purple is really nice, just as a little accent to it. The torso is a nice hybrid of system and technic. Everything flows very nicely, and the rubber spears make it for me. Making him more wolf-like to match his theme is definitely much better than "I'm the brawn of the group durr" :P The simplicity of the arms is great, and the tires never fail to impress in this case (The claws are also a nice touch). The legs are just as good. I honestly didn't think it was a bone piece on the thigh until I saw how the inner thigh was connected- very nice work fixing it up! The lower legs also have a nice combination going on. Making them look bulky at the bottom makes those clown feet look not so clowny :P The weapon, I've just now noticed, is another prototype Gresh shield piece. They have a lot of those prototypes, don't they? It fits very nicely in his theme, and the purple flame is the cherry on top.Great work Deevs, can't wait to take all of your prototype parts >­:­)

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I like how you changed Bulk's Orange accents to purple, and used the purple flame as well. Nice! I like the size, and the use of Technic as well as Hero Factory. Overall, great MOC.


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Very wolvish design, with an imaginative torso and shins. It did strike me as feminine from the side-angled shots, though that helmet has always seemed like that to me, which probably added to that.The weapon reminds me of a Brute Shot from Halo. Not sure if that's positive or not, but there you go.

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I definitely enjoy your more slender take on the character. As has been stated, the first pic creates a bit of a feminine image, but in combination with the color scheme and some of the other pictures, it isn't so overt as to be detrimental. In short, it looks sweet.

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