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Nui-Rama Revamp


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So, I need to clean off my shelves of Bionicles a bit, and I need to get some pieces from them :D, so I decided to just take pictures of everything I've got, and just post them in a few topics, so expect to see a lot more from me!So, first off is my Nui-Rama Revamp. The Nui Rama set is my second favorite set of all time (after any Bohrok), so I had to revamp it. This is my pride and joy, and definitely staying for a long time. It was originally going to Brickfair, but I missed the deadline, but ah well.Anyways, you don't want to hear me talk about it, so here's the MOC!Side ViewI'll skip front view for now, since it wouldn't show much anyways, so here's the side. A little thin in some places, but I really like that stinger! (I apologize for the blue rubber band, and the fact that there's one there at all :D)Basically, I saw those Ninjago swords, and thought: Nui-Rama revamp, here we come. :PComparison ShotThis thing is big, bigger than the Nui-Kopen Combo model. Probably my most successful large MOC.Not only does it look cool, but I also added in two functions!WingsIn action: 1, 2With a relatively simple set up involving Technic pieces and rubber bands, I got the wings to flap alternately at the press of a button.StingerIn actionI'm not going to lie, this function took a while to figure out, but with a few 4 tooth gears and a lightsaber, anything can happen. It went through a lot of trial and error, but finally, this one works perfectly. Did I mention I love that stinger?So, that's it, for now, comment and critisize away!

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Great revamp! I like the orangeness and the touch of gold. The claws, sting and wings are cool. Also it's nice to see nuva legs used in MOCs.

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First, the dark red bit look weird. I would get rid of them.Otherwise, well done! It looks like you tried to just up-size the original, while adding awesome functions. You didn't fill it in much or try to make it more "realistic", but it looks like a fitting tribute to the set. The functions are brilliant. Well done on the stinger.


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I like it. The stinger function is awesome and its new proportions give it a monstrous feeling. The claws you used are a very good alternative to the classic Onua Claws. However, the color scheme is a bit messy. Probably removign the red Visorak feet would be a good idea. I'm not a fan of how gold fits there too, but that would be fixed by adding more Voya gold pieces. Other than that, the arms are a bit too long for my taste.


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Clearly I cannot miss a Nui-Rama thread.Looking at it I see a rough Rahi with potential. The stinger is wonderful and seems very faithful to the old Rahi. It needs a stronger color scheme. Right now I see brown, silver, black, red, gold, yellow, light grey, dark grey and orange. If possible I would suggest dropping it to orange, gold and black with a small amount of grey if you really must.The wings seem rather small and look out of place. I would suggest building a set of wings from actual Rama wings. The HP Quiditch set has them in gold which would probably look better than the normal silver ones. With a little work this could become an amazing Rahi, but it's already a very good MOC.

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