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6115742319_7648e1b874.jpg Tzu-Kai is a demon born from the flames. A powerful warrior, he is notorious for the enormous path of destruction he leaves behind in the Bionicle Universe.



I am primarily a System builder and don't work with Bionicle too often, but when I do, I always try to incorporate System elements into the model as a way of showing the compatibility between the two building systems, however different they may seem.

6116286082_dc58cebdec.jpgI also love Bram spheres, so I just had to stick not one, but two on the weapon. :DflickrComments and constructive criticism are most appreciated.


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Nice! I like the color scheme, but the blocky feet and thin arms irk me, you might want thin one and thicken the other. The staff is creatively built and it seems to direct the flames in to the spheres? The jet pack is a little to low on his back in my opinion, but other than that it looks and flows great for a major technic builder! ~K.-C.

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have the steroids not kicked into his arm yet? :P it looks good, except for the arms. it's connected at an awkward angle for one, and they are also far too scrawny for his huge, bulky torso. the weapon -does- look great, but it looks unrealistic that he can actually hold it.

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