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Hello there.For those of you who don't know, Civil War was a Comic Book story line from MARVEL running from 2006-2007. After an incident involving a Superhero Reality Show destroys Stamford, killing hundreds of people including sixty children, the Government decide to hold a Superhuman Registration Act, meaning Superheroes must register their Secret Identities to the Government and receive 'proper' training of their powers. Iron Man led the charge for the act, hunting down unregistered Superheroes to register them, and Captain America led the charge against it. In the end, Captain America surrenders, ending the Civil War among the Super-Community.In the aftermath, a Superhero team is deployed for every state in America, and the act is considered going global, Captain America is assassinated by Red Skull on the steps of the White-House before his trial, and MARVEL released to new ongoing series; for the Pro-Registration side, there was Avengers Initiative (which was later shut down during the Dark Reign arc, rendering the act moot) and for the Anti-Registration side there was Secret Avengers (which is still going).The Premise is solid, but the execution is quite lacking, as the Pro-Registration side is antagonised in the Main Issues and it's tie-ins, and ruins any argument you could make for them. They recruit Supervillains to help with work, and the ending has the Initiative WINNING with later interviews saying they were the right team to go. The story is flawed, and the characters act out of character, but it's a good read. I advise buying the Trade Paperback, collecting issues 1-7. I haven't read the tie-ins, so I can't comment on them.But I digress.This is just a drawing I sketched of the final battle in Civil War in Lego, and here's the original for reference, of which I based my drawing upon (courtesy of Zyke), with some alterations.. I am pleased with what I've done, but I got lazy with the background and colour palette unfortunately. I apologise for the low quality.Constructive Comments and Criticism is much appreciated. I hope you like it.

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