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It's McSmeag's Birthday!

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Happy B'day McSmeag! :D

Onewa7, Encountering Protodermis! I accept PBZP requests! If you want one, PM me the details...

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If a letter is already taken, I can always do a PZBP, I'll just add another to the list. Blue= done, Red= taken and in progress,

Green= coming soon.
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My comedy: Bionicle Adventures. Part 1 in the Archives. Part 2 here. I accept guest stars requests. Chapter 12 is up!

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It's really just surprising that we have a staff member who's actually twenty three-year-old children. And it sure took us long enough to discover this; he really had it under wraps. I thought Gatanui was odd, but this is just insane. Thank you, dear posters of this topic, for your investigation that uncovered this horrible truth.Oh, right... His... birth... day. oopsHappy birthday, McSmeag! :)


"You're a scientist? The proposal you make violates parsimony; it introduces extra unknowns without proof for them. One might as well say unicorns power it."

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They say it's your birthday Well, it's my birthday too yeah They say it's your birthday We're gonna have a good timeHave a great one Smeag!(You'd better recognized those lyrics...)
I think you were just a little late with that Paleo. :P

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