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Let's try this again. I'm moving and will toss in as much stuff I can find throughout this time. So I need to clear this stuff out.Toa Matau $13Matau.jpgMISB S.H. Figuarts Riot Trooper. $40.DSC00591.jpgIncomplete Heavy Load $10.DSC00588.jpgBUNDLE PACK, Replaced with new screws. No Springs, though. Those were too rusted.G1 Kup's parts: both elbows, hands, feet with wheels. 1986 version.G1 Scattorshot ratchets and connectors.G1 1988 PowerMaster Prime ratchets.KO G1 Razorclaw pieces.KO Robot Masters parts.Junker Non-TM BlackarachniaJunker Non-TM RhinoxG1 JP Reissue Starscream: Complete with all accessories. Two of his rib decals are missing.Asking for $30 on this guy.Starscream.jpgSS2JAP.jpgMISB Target Shockwave and Bumblebee $30Target_Extra.jpgEnergon Rodimus. Missing rifle and a part of his spoiler... $10EnergonRodimus.jpgG1 Reissue Prime. No accessories. Just cab and trailer. $10.2001 Transformers RiD Predacon Trio.. Slapper's tongue/mace is missing. Rest is complete. $30 Or make an offerDSC07718.jpg2001 Toa Lewa Complete. $20Toa_Mata_Lewa.jpgToa Iruini Complete $20Toa_Iruini.jpgToa Vakama Hordika Complete. $13Toa_Hordika_Vakama.jpgVintage Mazinger. Die-Cast. No fists. Make offer.Mazinger.jpgLongview w/ instructions *if I can find them.(FREE with any purchase more than $10.) $5Spyshot6_Longview.jpgG2 Red Snarl. Excellent w/ left tab busted. No accessories $60.*Target Bumblebee's sold*G2_Animated.jpgMIB Encore Ratchet complete Transformed once for display. $50Ratchet.jpgFenrakk. $40. Comes with instructions. No Vezon.Fenrakk1.jpgFenrakk2.jpgFenrakk3.jpg"The Shadow" Thunder Cab. $30 CompleteThunder_Cab1.jpgThunder_Cab2.jpgThunder_Cab_Attack1.jpgThunder_Cab_Attack2.jpg*TFTM Scorponok and TFTM Barricade & Frenzy (Both come w/ instructions) *For both figures will be $22 shippedMovie_Scorponok_Barricade.jpgSpiderman Origins 2099 figure. MOSC. $20Stuffs010.jpgMovie Bumblebee $18DSC00011-1.jpgDSC00012-1.jpgMicron Legend Cyberhawk/Armada Laserbeak. $25 MIBDSC08831.jpgDSC08832.jpgDSC08833.jpgDSC08834.jpgBox isn't in good shape but toy and paper work are in excellent condition.Halo: Covenant Elite Blue. No accessories. $16Blue_Elite.jpg

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How much for all the bionicles except lewa?

-Rahkshi Guurahk
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