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They call him Ol' Dusty


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When I was at BrickFair, I chanced upon a vendor selling Throwbots and Robo Riders in great condition, so I decided to pick up #8513 Dust. Great set it was, but I felt like revamping it. This was the result.I felt like turning the set into a bipedal form akin to other LEGO action figure lines, but didn't want to lose the original motorbike appearance, so he can transform back into a vehicle of sorts.And I just gave him a tail for no reason at all. :UThat's all for now. Might do some other revamps soon. Hope you like it~


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Ol' Dusty

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Very nice MOC, Cholie. I really love how somebody has made such a cool Throwbot revamp. :D I especially love the wheels and how you allowed him to balance. And your consistent use of System pieces in constraction themed MOCs is always great. Just one question though: Does he stay together more securely than Níðhöggr or Chols the Wolf?


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Haha this is sort of like the Ice Warrior MOC I am working on (still need to get some parts off of Bricklink). Yours is actually meant to be the Roborider, though, mine is just some cool parts used to make something cool. Really nice job, faithful to the original, but you went and improved it a lot.

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This MOC brings back memories. I very much like seeing Slizer and RoboRider MOCs, and this is a good one. I'm not a fan of the usage of System parts, but it works, it's well put together, and it can still be a vehicle. I remember Dust having dark grey instead of black, but I can appreciate the fact that rather than trying to work in as much dark grey as possible, you went with black for a more consistent colour scheme. I like how you used a Bohrok foot for the pelvis. I may have to borrow that in the future.8.3/10

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Ooh, Chols, I likey. I likey a lot, actually.One of the things I really enjoy with this guy is how he so easily and smoothly transitions from "Roborider" to "Hero Factory" - though vastly different styles, they work together. The System bits really accentuate the form and serve to complete the entire MOC.Now, for the quibbles: I know there aren't that many pieces in tan, and thus it's one of the hardest non-discontinued colors to work in. The layering seems do go black highlights on tan-on-black ... but you seem to have run out of tan parts by the lower limbs. If you wanted to, you could work it into color blocking instead of layering, which probably would be best if you don't have enough tan.While the feet look strange standing up, I can cut you some slack on that because it's a pseudo-transforMOC - but what I really don't get is the tail. While it looks fine - not to mention totally cool when he's standing up, it looks strange when he's on wheels, and for that reason I'm sort of thinking it might be improved without it.Also, those hands are epic and I'm totally going to copy the concept someday.

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