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The Yesterday Quest Continuation


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Alrightsy. As some of you may know, I have been writing a continuation of The Powers That Be. I enjoyed doing that so much that I decided to do a continuation of The Yesterday Quest. So here it is! Before reading this, I suggest you read The Powers That Be Continuation, as it makes certain events in this story make more sense. PLEASE leave me some feedback, even if it's something simple like "I liked this epic", or "I didn't like this epic."

You can read the original first three chapters by Greg Farshety


Chapter 4

Chiara fired a bolt of lightning at one of the two Vorox, and his weapons were shattered moments later by Zaria. The other Vorox let out an alarm cry, and then turned and fired a shot from his cannon that sent Chiara tumbling back into the bushes. Zaria dove out from behind his cover and pinned the Vorox who had sounded the alarm to the ground.Zaria slammed his fist into the Vorox’s head, and the Sand Glatorian fell to the ground, his helmet cracked from Zaria’s blow. The first Vorox tried to get up, but it was knocked flat on its back by Chiara, who stomped out of the bushes, glaring, and blowing her hair-like strands that came from her head out of her face.The two Toa turned and headed in the direction of that Gelu and Orde had gone, and Chiara said, “So how are we going to beat Kabrua if he can shut off our powers?”“Did I mention I killed Makuta once? He was the guardian of an island just south of Daxia. His name was Malox, had quite the habit of bragging about himself.” Zaria said, “I beat him by letting his pride go to his head and letting him think he had beaten me. When he bent down to take my mask, I shattered his armor and slew him.”Chiara said, “So how does that help us with Kabrua?”“Kabrua believes that he has us cornered and beaten because he can take away our powers.” Zaria said, “But we have other weapons besides our elemental ones.”He pulled out a sword out that he had taken from one of the Vorox, and tossed a cannon to Chiara, saying “You like explosions?”Chiara grinned and narrowed her eyes, “Oh yes. I love explosions.” The Toa of Lightning said as she armed the launcher.

Gelu and Orde jumped down from the tree and ran upstream, towards the direction of the nearest Vorox. Kabrua and one of the other Sand Glatorian had run back in the direction of Chiara and Orde at the sound of an alarm call being made by one of the other Vorox.Gelu spotted the Vorox at the same moment the Sand Tribe Glatorian spotted him, and the two charged at each other. Moments before the Two Glatorian met, the Vorox skidded and slumped to the ground.Gelu turned to look at Orde, who was just opening his eyes. “Nighty night,” Said the Toa of Psionics, “Looks like Kabrua’s the only one who can disable my powers, because I had no trouble with that one.” He indicated a finger towards the unconscious Sand Tribe warrior.Suddenly Chiara and Zaria exploded out from a clump of bushes about ten feet from where Orde and Gelu stood. Zaria grabbed both the Toa of Psionics and the Iconox Glatorian and dove into the water, and the three of them were swept downstream.Chiara dipped one of her feet into the river and winced; she hated water. She turned at the sound of Kabrua’s footsteps, took a deep breath, and dove into the water.Kabrua popped out of the bushes a moment after Chiara disappeared around a bend in the river. He glanced around, scanning the beach for the Toa, but there was no sign of them, and he had lost all four of his warriors. He growled and ran back into the forest to gather more men together to hunt down the escaped prisoners…

Gelu, Zaria, and Orde stepped out of the river, shaking the water from their feet as they did walked onto the bank. Chiara stumbled out a few seconds later, and spewed water out of her mouth.Her hair was plastered to her mask, and her entire body was covered with water from head to toe. Orde let out a little chuckle as he saw her, which earned him a bolt of electricity in the foot.A smile broke out on Chiara’s face as she watched Orde hop around on one foot, howling with pain, and she slowly twisted up her hair, trying to wring out the water.Gelu spoke up, “How did you manage to get away from Kabrua?”Zaria was the one who answered, “We fought him with his own weapons. When he and the other Vorox came out of the jungle, we jumped the other one and stole his weapons.”He tossed a cannon to Orde, and the Toa of Psionics stared at the weapon, trying to figure out how it worked. Chiara turned to Gelu and said, “So now what?”Gelu opened his mouth to answer, but Zaria answered before he could, “Now we trap Kabrua, and find out how he managed to get information from a Great Being. After all, it might even help us find one of the Great Beings.”Gelu nodded, he had been about to suggest almost the same exact thing.The three Toa and Gelu began to set up a trap. When Kabrua came out of the jungle, all four of them would attack him at once, making him think all his enemies were in front of them.They had secretly hidden the two launchers in the bushes and tied the triggers to a vine. Then, when the Vorox emerged, Kabrua or another unlucky Sand Glatorian would get blasted in the back.The four of them finished, and waited ... Ten Minutes … Twenty … Thirty … An hour; and still no sign of Kabrua, or anyone for that matter. Orde was about to sit down, when Gelu said, “Quiet, something’s coming.”All four of them readied themselves. Suddenly half a dozen Vorox exploded from out of the ground right in front of the group, and safely past the tripwire. Two dove at Gelu, and another two at Zaria. Chiara tried to use her elemental lightning, but found she couldn’t, and watched as Kabrua tunneled up from underneath her, and almost managed to grab her legs.She locked her sword with his, and managed to knock his cannon from his hand. He activated her mask, and found that that still worked, but for some reason the sword she held was still visible. She threw it down and ran towards where the launchers were hidden.She picked one of them up and said, “Hey sand scum, open wide!”Kabrua turned towards her, and flew backwards as a sphere of energy struck him in the chest. Orde wrapped his arm around the stunned Sand Tribe leader’s neck and said, “Get back, all of you, or your leader gets it!”Kabrua laughed, “You wouldn’t kill me Toa. It would be going against your precious code.”Orde held Kabrua’s own sword against his neck, and pulled the blade closer, allowing a drop of blood to drip onto the ground. Kabrua’s smile disappeared and he said, “You wouldn’t.”Orde pulled the blade even closer, and three more drops escaped from the wound. “Watch me.” said the Toa of Psionics.Kabrua waved his hand, and five of the Vorox crawled back into the forest, casting loathing glares over their shoulders as they went. The six Vorox lay dead, slain by Gelu.The Iconox Glatorian walked over to Kabrua and said, “Talk. How did you shut off the Toa’s powers?”The Vorox laughed and replied, as if the answer was obvious, “Why, a Great Being showed me.”Gelu glanced at Orde, and then continued, “Who? What was his name?”The Sand Tribe leader rolled his eyes as if he were getting bored of the conversation, but still said, “He was disguised as one of you.” He indicated towards the Toa and continued, “One of the ones, you call, Po-Matoran. I believe his name was…Velika...”

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Chapter 5

Zaria gasped, and in that moment of shock Kabrua broke free and bolted into the forest. Orde turned and was about to follow him, but Gelu said, “No, let him go. We’ve got the information we need. Besides, I don’t think he’ll be bothering us again, now that we’ve got so many of his weapons.” He indicated towards the three swords and the two cannons, “And I also managed to grab this.”He said as he pulled out his Ice Slicer. Orde turned to Zaria and said, “Based off the way you gasped, I’m guessing you’ve heard of this Matoran?”Zaria nodded, “I knew him before I became a Toa, back when I lived on the northern continent.” Said the Toa of Psionics, “He was an inventor, and we often worked together. He built so many amazing things. One day I told him I was surprised he wasn’t a Great Being, and he replied, ‘How do you know I’m not?’ He sounded like he was joking at the time, but perhaps he wasn’t.”Gelu said, “Any idea where he is now?”Zaria shook his head and replied, “No; I left the island and traveled to one of the islands in the southern chain. That was when I became a Toa, and I never returned.”Gelu frowned; they had no leads, no way to find this Matoran, if he even was still a Matoran. Suddenly Orde let out a cry of pain, and fell to his knees with a glazed over look forming in his eyes…

Orde watched as his vision blurred. When it came back into focus, he saw a mask floating in front of him. It appeared to be his own blue colored Kanohi Pakari, but the eyes behind them weren’t his own. A voice that seemed to speak through his mind said, “Orde, first – and last – of the Psionic Toa, I have come to help you in your quest for the Great Beings. I am Spera, spirit of hope; three will make me one.”Orde reached his hand towards the mask as it began to fade, and his vision blurred again…

Gelu waved his hand in front of Orde’s mask, and suddenly the Toa of Psionics stood up and said, “Wait! What do you mean?”Chiara gave him a strange look and said, “He’s finally gone over the edge. It was only a matter of time though, considering he’s a Toa of Anarchy.”Orde said, “I saw…someone. He called himself Spera. He said that he would help us, and that three would make him one.”Chiara rolled her eyes, but Zaria said, “Wait, you said three would make him one? I’ve heard stories, ones that describe the Toa Nuva combining together into larger beings called Toa Kaita.”Chiara said, “Even if this Kaita did exist, how is he going to help us find the Great Beings?”Zaria said, “Perhaps if we can figure out how to merge together, that would help us?”Orde nodded, and Chiara shrugged and said, “Whatever, I’ll try I guess.”Orde closed his eyes and concentrated, but nothing happened. He cracked an eye and said, “Chiara, this can only work if you are willing to put in the effort.”Chiara opened her eyes and said, “Fine.”She closed her eyes again and sucked in a deep breath, and then let it out slowly. The three of them joined hands, and Gelu watched in awe as their bodies began to swirl around and mix into a giant floating cloud. Then it slowed again, and when it stopped, a tall being clad in white, blue, and gunmetal armor stood, towering over the Iconox Glatorian. The figure spoke into Gelu’s mind, using his Psionic powers, “Follow me, being of tissue. We have a Great Being to find…”

Gaardus sat; perched above a massive forest. He watched as two figures, one made of sand, and one made of water fought. The one made of sand seemed to be losing, and Gaardus leaned his head forward in anticipation of the imminent kill.Gaardus let out a yelp of surprised as his lower body was encased in a thick chunk of ice. He fell from his perch and plummeted downwards, where he landed in an awkward heap in the sand as the ice that held him shattered.He stared upwards at three beings that stood over him; two of them were the beings that he had seen fighting moments ago, and the third was a transparent blue and white figure who wore armor made of ice. The figure spoke, his voice an icy tone that matched his appearance, “What were you doing creature, spying on us? Don’t you know that any being who stand in the way of the Element Lords dies a terrible and hideous death?”Gaardus glanced from the icy being to the one made of sand, and then to the one made of water, and finally back again at the figure made of ice. The one made of Water said, “I don’t believe it can speak Ice.”The being made of sand said, “Let’s just kill it and get back to our search.”He raised his hand, and several tendrils made of sand rose from the ground and began to close over Gaardus. The former Matoran spoke up, “No! Please don’t kill me, I can speak.”The sand fell back down to the ground, and the white being who had been referred to as Ice grabbed Gaardus by the neck and held him up so the two could see eye-to-eye and said, “Who…or what are you, and why did you dare to come here?”Gaardus glanced around again, and Ice tightened his grip and said, “Speak while you still have a voice embittered to do so with!”Gaardus said, “My name is Gaardus, I came here to feed on those who are unlucky enough to fall prey to my blade.” He nodded towards the sword that lay on the ground a few feet away.Sand said, “Well Gaardus, you are of no use to us then.”The tendrils of sand began to form again, but Gaardus said, “No, wait! Perhaps I can help you…”Water said, “Unless you know the way to the Star of Red, you cannot do anything for us.”Gaardus shivered, and then replied, “I can get you there.”The sand fell once more, and all three of the Element Lords stared in shock at their prisoner. Gaardus continued, “I have the ability to return to any place I have ever been to before, but I do not want to go back there.”Suddenly, three more figures emerged from the forest. The one in the lead wore orange and yellow armor that seemed to burn, yet never burn out. Another wore armor of rock, and held a shield made of the finest metal. The third and final wore armor that seemed to be made of plantlife, and held a sword that also seemed to be a growing thing. The one in the lead, clearly the Element Lord of Fire, spoke, “Take us there.”He held a flaming claw down next to Gaardus’s face, and ash shot from the outstretched hand and singed his face. Gaardus sighed and closed his eyes, and the seven figures began to blur…

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Chapter 6

Surel stood atop a hill and watched as the six Element Lords vanished from where they stood down by a river that separated the Forest of Blades from the land beyond. Moments ago, Ice had knocked a singed creature from its perch in the treetops of the forest. Surel had been surprised that the creature had lived through the icy blast, as well as the fall.The former Iconox Glatorian patted the head of a biomechanical wolf that sat silently next to him and said, “A terrible thing has just been done, and immense power has been given to beings who will use it destroy the universe.”Surel turned as another Glatorian, also of the Ice Tribe, stepped out of a cave nearby and said, “Then we must warn the villages.”Surel sighed and said, “Even though they have wronged us, I am inclined to agree with you Strakk. If we do not, then we too will fall to the Element lords. But I am too crippled and weak to travel, you must go.”Strakk nodded, it would be difficult, since he had been exiled by his tribe and would not be welcomed by the other Glatorian and Agori, but it had to be done. If he failed, then all hope would be lost…

Spera and Gelu emerged from behind a sand dune; they were in Bara Magna again. The Toa Kaita pointed a finger towards a small hut about 20 bio away, and the two of them walked over to it.Gelu pushed the door open, and the two of them stepped inside and looked around. Gelu looked down at a disassembled Force Sphere Launcher and a Midak Skyblaster, and a blueprint that compared the two weapons. He whirled around as a voice said, “You should have never come here.”Gelu watched as a Toa of Stone wearing a Kanohi Huna appeared in the center of the room. His Kanohi changed from the Mask of Invisibility into to a Mask of Mind Control, and Spera said, “Velika.”The Toa nodded, and he said, “You are a fool to come here, even if you do know that I’m a Great Being, it makes no difference.” His mask switched to an Akaku, and he said, “Now where did I put that hammer?”Spera said, “Velika, how did Kabrua shut off our powers?”Velika laughed and his mask changed to a Mask of Intangibility. He reached his hand through a box and pulled out a Protosteel hammer, and then he said, “As if I would tell you.”Spera said, “Then atleast tell me why you did it.”Velika sighed and turned to Spera, “Because you serve no purpose now.” Said the Toa of Stone as his mask switched to a Kanohi Matatu, “You were built by me and the other Great Beings to keep the Mata Nui Unit functioning, and now that it has been demolished, you are of no use to us anymore. Therefore you must all be eliminated to prevent further errors.”Suddenly, the wall behind Velika crumbled, and a massive being clad in black armor said, “Four targets detected, preparing to eliminate.”It walked over to Velika and aimed its weapon at him, and Velika said, “The Marendar! Abort Program, Marendar Unit, stand down.”The thing paused, and then said, “Abortion denied, proceeding with primary objective.”It continued towards Velika, and an energy sphere began to form in its launcher…

Tarduk stood at the edge of the newly finished village of New Tesara. The village’s completion was just in time too; he had recently been part of a search party that had gone to find Toa Pohatu and Toa Kopaka, and during the search they had met up with Toa Lewa and about two dozen Jungle Agori who had been stranded on Bota Magna after the shattering.They started their search again, but Mazeka, Lewa, Keetongu, and Teridax had disappeared into thin air after meeting a strange creature called Gaardus. Tarduk led the Jungle Agori back to New Tesara, only to find Lewa already there. They celebrated the completion of the village, and Vastus decided to retire afterwards, making Gresh the New Prime Glatorian, and Lanok the new second Glatorian.Then, to add to all of that, two Glatorian and half a dozen Agori from Ice Tribe entered the village, claiming to be the only survivors of Iconox. Tarduk was relieved when he saw Kirbold among them.The Onu-Matoran decided to leave, primarily because they couldn’t stand being around the Le-Matoran, and decided to switch places with the Ko-Matoran who were in New Tajun.Tarduk glanced up and watched as two Ice Agori, one male and one female, walked down the sandy road that he stood next to. He had met them briefly when they had entered the village and learned that their names were Acon and Parea.A Jungle Agori stepped out of a shop and glared at the two Agori, and then shouted, “Filthy traitors, you’re no better than that scum Metus!”Tarduk recognized the Agori; his name was Blaneus. He had been one of the Agori who had viewed Metus’s treachery as a sign that the entire Ice Tribe was filled with traitors.Parea began to cry, and Acon stepped in front of her, just in case Blaneus decided to make his opinion more physical. Blaneus grinned and delivered a blow to Acon that knocked him to the ground. Tarduk rushed towards the three Agori, but before he could reach them, a tall blue figure clad in white and transparent blue armor walked up behind Blaneus. The figure cast a shadow down on the Jungle Agori, and he turned around as the figure growled and said in a low tone, “Leave them alone.”Blaneus glared up at the Glatorian and spat, “just as I suspected, Iconox is allied with traitors.”The figure leaned down so that his eyes were level with the Agori’s, and then said more firmly, “I said, leave them alone.”He began to pull out his Ice Axe that was attached to his back, and Blaneus mumbled a curse and walked away. The figure reached his hand down to help Acon up and said, “You alright?”Acon said, “Yeah, just a little dazed…” His voice trailed off as he got a better look at the figure, and then he said, “Strakk?”The figure nodded and said, “I’ve come to warn the tribes of a terrible danger.”Acon took a step back from the Ice Glatorian, unsure if he could trust the exile. “But you were…”Strakk interrupted, “I’ve changed. Now, where is Gresh?”…

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Chapter 7

The sphere whizzed through the air, and Velika dove across the room, trying to grab a spear from the wall, but a blast from the Marendar’s claw melted the weapon to slag. Another sphere launched from the tail, and this time it struck Velika’s head, and the Great Being shouted, “Krahli…weakness…spheres…”The machine raised its hands to finish off the Toa of Stone, but Spera dove through the air, blocking the blast with his shield. Velika’s eyes widened as eh said, “Why…are you…protecting me?”Spera didn’t answer Velika, but instead shouted, “Gelu, get him out of here!”The Iconox warrior grabbed the nearly paralyzed Toa of Stone and ran outside. A blast flew at Spera, and he dodged, but found himself backed into a corner. Another blast was hurled at him, and the Toa activated the mask of Fate, allowing him to hurl himself upwards and do a mid-air somersault.The Toa Kaita landed next to the Marendar, and drove his blade through its chest. The Marendar babbled random words, and then said, “Self-repair complete.”The machine pulled the blade out, and swung it at Spera. With a scream, the Toa Kaita’s head was separated from his shoulders, and he split into three beings once more. Zaria and Chiara crashed into the opposite walls of the hut, cracking its structure and causing the ceiling to partially collapse. The two Toa exclaimed at the same moment, “Orde!”But the Toa of Psionics did not reply, for his head lay on the ground, severed from the rest of his body.The Marendar walked towards Zaria, but the Toa of Iron activated his Kanohi Calix, and flew over the machine’s head. The two Toa rushed out the front door of the hut, and Chiara paused for only a moment to grab Orde’s mask.The Marendar tore its hands through the wall, causing the hut to implode. Zaria, Chiara, and Gelu formed a barrier around the Toa of Stone, and prepared for the oncoming battle, one in which they would probably die.But before the Marendar could come any closer, Velika stood up and his mask changed to a Kanohi that the others didn’t recognize. The Great Being spoke in a stressed voice and said, “I call on the Kanohi Vahi, the Mask of Time!”The Marendar froze, and Velika spoke again, his voice wavering from the strength and concentration required to control the Vahi, “Destroy…it…NOW!”Chiara flew at it. Even when frozen, the Marendar had the ability to disable her powers, but she was not helpless without them. She and Zaria struck it with twin blows, slicing off its arms, and then bisecting its neck, their blades meeting as the robot’s head fell off.Velika dropped to his knees, and switched back to his normal mask, the Kanohi Komau. The four of them stared at the dead Marendar, and Velika said, “Why did he protect me, when I had cast him aside?”Surprisingly, it was Gelu who answered, “Because that’s what Toa do. They protect others, even at the cost of their own lives.”Velika nodded, “And out of everyone, I should have been the one to remember that. After all, I built the Toa. Perhaps I have been wrong about you.”The Great Being paused, and then continued, “I will not leave you to return to New Atero empty handed, take this.”He grabbed his mask, and it split into two, with his Komau on his face, and the Vahi in his hand. “Return this to its rightful owner.”He said as he handed the Mask of Time to Zaria. The Toa nodded, and Velika’s mask changed to a Huna, and he disappeared. The two Toa and the Glatorian began t walking in the direction of New Atero…

Gresh and Lewa listened as Strakk relayed the shocking story to them. Gresh said, “And how do we know you’re not lying? Or even allied with the Element Lords for that matter?”Lewa said, “Stay calm my friend, I am inclined to believe him.”Strakk dipped his head in gratitude, and then said, “The Element Lords are up to no good, and I’m sure they will attack us at some point.”Lewa nodded, “I think we should gather as many warriors as we can, and then travel to this ‘Valley of the Maze’ you speak of.”Strakk said, “I will accompany you there.”Gresh thought long and hard, and then said, “Alright, fine. But if you’re pulling anything Strakk, I’ll personally remove your head from your shoulders.”Strakk ignored the second half of Gresh’s reply, and said, “I will gather the warriors of Iconox together.”After about an hour of preparation, they had gathered together a fairly large battle force. Gresh had three other Glatorian behind him, including the second Glatorian; Lanok, as well as Jireha, a female warrior, and Turak, a former vehicle pilot.Vastus and Hajeox had offered to stay behind and guard the village while the others were gone. Strakk turned down the road, followed by two other Glatorian, the second Glatorian of Iconox, Shardus, as well as a female Glatorian named Ostroka, as well as four Agori, Tarduk, Blaneus, Acon, and Kirbold. “They said they wanted to find the Element Lords, because they were involved with them recently,” said Strakk, “I tried to talk them out of it, but they insisted on coming.”Lewa and several members of the Gukko Force, including Boreas, Shu, Shuro, Taiki, Tamaru, and Vira, came down the other end of the road. The eighteen members of the group set off for the Forest of Blades, their own weapons gleaming in the sun’s afternoon light, but how many of them would become members of the Forest that gave it its name?

Gelu froze and held up his hand for silence. The team stood just inside the Botan Jungle. He was struck in the arm by an energy sphere, and another one followed that almost hit Chiara. Zaria ran forward, Kabrua’s sword in hand. He sliced through several bushes, revealing Kabrua and five other Sand Tribe warriors.Chiara launched a sphere from her own cannon that sent one of the Vorox flying backwards into a tree, where he lay unconscious. By this time, Gelu had recovered from the attack, and he charged into the battle, beheading two of the Vorox.Kabrua let out a loud screech, and a dozen more Vorox dropped down from the trees and landed on the three heroes. Chiara shouted, “Zaria, use the mask!”But the Vahi had already been yanked from the Toa’s hand by one of the Sand Tribesmen, who was eyeing it suspiciously. The Sand Tribe leader smiled, “We meet again, but this time, there is no escape!”He turned to his warriors, “Scrape the flesh from the Glatorian’s bones, tonight we feast!” He added, “And bring me my sword.”One of the Vorox, perhaps one of the dumber ones that was more closely related to his Baran brethren, reached down to grab the sword from Zaria’s hand.He didn’t even notice Zaria’s apparently restrained and helpless hands curling into fists. The Toa of Iron slammed is fist into the Vorox’s face and grabbed the sword from his hand. He turned and drove it into the arm of the Vorox who held the Vahi.He grabbed the Mask of Time from the Sand Tribe Glatorian’s outstretched hand, and slammed it over his own face. The world stopped moving around them, all except for Chiara and Zaria. The Toa of Iron barely moved as he concentrated on controlling the Vahi, but Chiara darted swiftly around, disarming the Vorox, and quickly putting Kabrua’s helmet on backwards.When Zaria shut off the mask, the Sand Tribe warriors were left completely defenseless. Gelu stalked over to Kabrua, and raised his Ice Slicer over his head, “I rarely do this,” said the Iconox warrior, “but it has to be done.”Zaria tried to stop him, but it was already too late. The blade cut through the top of Kabrua’s head, and he fell to the ground, dead. “The world will be better off without him,” said Gelu.The dozen remaining Vorox scattered and escaped into the forest, leaving the group in silence once more. Zaria opened his mouth to speak, but Gelu stopped him and said, “I don’t want to hear it Toa, he deserved to die.”Zaria said, “And you’re the one to decide that? I thought we had become friends, and that you had learned from this experience. Perhaps I was wrong. If you cannot live by the same rules that I live by, then we cannot be friends.”Gelu replied, “My part is finished anyway, so I’m leaving.”He stalked off into the forest, and Zaria felt a pang of sadness as he went. “He has strayed from the path, all we can do now is hope and pray that he returns to the right path.”Chiara nodded, and the two Toa headed off in silence towards New Atero once more…

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Chapter 8

Gresh, Lewa, Strakk, and the rest of the group stared at the Forest of Blades, which lay ahead of them. It had been a hard night through the trail that led around the White Quartz Mountain range. Gresh had fallen during the trip, and would have plummeted to his death if not for Lewa, who used his powers to carry the Glatorian back up to the safety of the path. Thankfully, Tarduk had travelled along the path before, and was able to lead them safely along the trail.The group entered the forest, and stared around in horror at the Glatorian who had been swallowed by the trees themselves. Suddenly the moment of horror was shattered by an even greater threat. The ground around the group opened up, and a dozen Vorox emerged from the sand.A figure stepped out from the trees, and said, “Well well well. Breakfast has come to us this morning my brothers.”His armor was a faded color that had been worn down by constant bad weather and lack of repair, but it was still visible as the color of Vulcanus red. The group had bumped into the Baran Sand Tribe, led by the ex-Glatorian Malum…

Angonce stared down at the mask in his hands. It was the Kanohi Tryna, the Mask of Reanimation. It had once been worn by Toa Mahri Matoro, and had been cast aside into the ocean and soon replaced by the Kanohi Ignika in Matoro’s last moments.Unknown to the other Toa Mahri, a small part of Matoro, a sort of backup file of his spirit had been imprinted on the mask.It would have faded long ago if Angonce hadn’t retrieved it. Angonce hadn’t done this without reason either; every being in the Matoran Universe had been designed completely from scratch, all except one: Matoro. Matoro was special, because he had been designed based off of Angonce’s own mind and personality, so the Great Being felt some sort of connection and kinship to the former Toa of Ice.Angonce sighed, Matoro had completed his destiny, what he had originally been made for, but the world was in danger of being destroyed again by beings of Great Power - power that rivaled even his own – the power wielded by the Element Lords.The world needed a hero once more, one that would be willing to give his all to save it; a hero like Matoro.Angonce glanced over at a silver and white Toa body, an upgraded version of the armor that Matoro had worn during his mission to retrieve the Mask of Life from the Barraki.He placed the Tryna on the face of the new body, and put his hand over the darkened heartlight. The heartlight slowly began to light up, and the Toa’s eyes came to life. Matoro spoke, “Where…where am I?”Angonce replied, “I cannot explain very much to you Matoro. I can only tell you that the world is in terrible danger. Danger of being destroyed once again…and you are needed to help save it.”Matoro’s eyes narrowed, “Show me where to go…”

Malum waved his claw, sending a ball of fire at Gresh. Lanok dove in front of the projectile, and blocked it with his shield, and followed up with a blast from his Thornax Launcher.He put the launcher on his back, and drew his sword. He charged at the former Glatorian, locking his sword with Malum’s armored claws.Gresh dove at the nearest Vorox, and sliced its tail off with one of his blades. He combined the two blades together into a shield, and charged at another Vorox.Turak and Jireha, two more Tesara warriors, charged together and succeeded in killing another Vorox.Strakk was a strong asset to the team, and had already singly-handedly killed three Vorox, leaving only Malum and five of the Sand Tribe Glatorian left.Malum only smiled and said, “We weren’t trying to beat you foolish little insects, we were only stalling until the rest of the pack could arrive and aid us!”He raised a hand into the air, launching a flare into the sky that lit the forest on fire as forty more Vorox emerged from the sand and attacked the group…

The Element Lord of Jungle winced as he felt his forest burning, and tried to ignore the pain, for there was nothing he could do. He smiled once more as he stared around the hallway he stood in. He was inside the Red Star at last, though there were the other Element Lords, but that was a minor setback, soon he would have enough power to slay them all.First though, he had to conquer the Red Star, which was proving to be more difficult than had originally been thought. He was having a particularly hard time since his powers primarily needed living plants present, and there were none inside the Star. However, even without his raw elemental powers, he was still a master swordsman.He slew another one of the beings who had identified themselves as Kestora, though he had decided to consider them a threat due to the weapons they carried.He watched as his fellow Element Lord of Rock smashed through the tunnel wall, and crushed the Kestora in front of Jungle with a wall of stone. A wave of sand poured through the hall, carrying three more Kestora with it. Jungle watched as Sand appeared from around the corner of the hallway, and swished his hands together as he said, “How many of those buggers are there?”A flood of water came crashing through the hall behind Sand, and disappeared moments away from hitting the three Element Lords, leaving two more Kestora dead on the floor, “Let’s see, two less than there were ten seconds ago,” said Water as he emerged from a hole in the wall that the water had flowed through moments ago.A wall of flame and a wall of frozen water appeared on opposite sides of the tunnel, and hit a Kestora trapped between the two elemental waves. Fire and Ice emerged from the opposite ends of the hall, and Ice said, “I had that one.”Fire sneered, “Clearly you didn’t.”Water spoke, “If you’re both finished arguing, I think that’s the last of them.”Jungle nodded and replied, “Then our conquest of the world begins!...”…Strakk and Shardus charged into the crowd of Vorox, and together they managed to kill three more of the Sand Tribe Glatorian.Gresh and Lanok watched in horror as both Jireha and Turak were dragged into the mass of Vorox; only Jireha managed to escape. Gresh shouted to Strakk, “We can’t beat them! They outnumber us two-to-one, and there’s no telling how many more are still on their way!”Lanok pulled his twin daggers from his back, and hurled them at a Vorox who was about to leap onto Gresh’s back. Lanok rushed over to retrieve his blades from the impaled Vorox, and Strakk nodded. The group was about to retreat, but suddenly before their eyes, a huge wave of creatures came down from a nearby hill, and Tarduk exclaimed, “The Iron Wolves!”The wolves darted through the ranks of the Vorox, and probably would have defeated them with ease, even without the element of surprise. There were atleast fifty of the wolves, perhaps even sixty, and they felled almost all of the Sand Tribe warriors, only losing a few of their own in the process.Only Malum and three of the other Vorox managed to escape into the sand as the rest of their tribe was massacred in the Forest of Blades as it burned to the ground.A crippled and broken figure appeared at the edge of the hill, and he awkwardly made his way down to where Glatorian and the rest of the group stood. Strakk exclaimed, “Surel!”The former Iconox warrior nodded as he drove his dagger into the back of a Vorox that had somehow survived the Iron Wolves’ ambush. “We are in your debt Surel.” Said Gresh, adding, “You are welcome to reside in New Tesara if you wish.”Surel shook his head, “There is no place for me there. Besides, I already have a family.” He said as he patted one of the wolves, the pack leader, on the head and then continued, “You must hurry to the Valley of the Maze. The Element Lords must be stopped before it’s too late.”Gresh nodded, “We will stop them.”Surel nodded and limped his way back up the side of the hill, but as he went he said under his breath, “But what will it cost you, brave young warrior?...”

To be continued in

Secrets of the Star

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