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Wow. I use Inika Builds a lot, but never in my dreams did I think I could do something like this! this model is amazing!I like the axe; looks big and powerful. However, my only complaint is that it seems to be more ceremonial than actually useful. The head looks WAY too weighted. Other than that, the axe is way cool!The build you used is also nice, you turned a rather ###### Inika build into something amazing. I wish LEGO could do this. The Golem looks buff and armored, and I noticed you don't really use blue and red pins, so that's a plus. The color scheme is also nice, and you managed to extend it to the weapon too, always a plus. Overall, Great Job! Rating: 9.5/10


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What strikes me immediately is the smooth, bulky proportions, whilst being a fairly simple construction. The weapon is brilliant, and the whole thing is well colour schemed. I also like the hordika foot on the back, many wouldn't have bothered, I like it when the back shows as much care as the front. my one critiscism would be the armour on the shins, which is purely my personal thought, I've seen inika shoulder armour used there plenty of times, some like it, some don't, I think it looks a little out of place. In this case I think that there would be few alternatives, simply removing it would make the lower legs look a bit thin and blank, so it's probably better this way. as I can think of no alternative, I can't fault it that much. Good job...

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Nice. Great colour scheme, and I love the colour layering. Inika builds like this are one of my favourite things to do. While they're not all-out creativity, they still look great when they're finished, and you can do good things with them. Great bulk on this, love the shoulder and chest armor. Plus the axe is fantastic. Excellent MOC all round.

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The set has a nice colour scheme, but it's a bit meh. The axe however... is simply beautiful. It looks ornate, intridate and very deadly, while still matching the golem in colour AND build. I love that axe so much....

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