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An old story-based MOC.


12 3 4 5 6 7 8So, as stated, this one's fairly old, too. I built him for a story (also as stated), but in the story I changed the character to Halstias Bromeliad, who is also human, and now has nothing to do whatsoever with Bionicle (the story is now also something along the lines of Dante Alighieri's Divine Comedy, for those familiar with it). Hopefully once I finish/survive NaNoWriMo I'll be able to post that story somewhere in COT. Anyways, the original character of Bromeliad is a rather sucky Ko-Matoran who is chosen by Death to save the world (and is turned into a Toa by Death). After said world-saving, his future self discovers that he must murder his past self, right after the world-saving, in order to end a brutal, everlasting war. The Bromeliad I have built is/was the future version, hardened by hundreds of years of warfare. The sword he carries is called the Sword of Sorrows, which was given to him by Death; it's a rather weighty sword, reflecting the weight of a difficult ordeal ahead for the wielder (in Bromeliad's case, killing himself). The polearm he also carries is a sick combination between four different polearms - a spear, a scythe, a poleaxe, and a Naginata. Thoughts on the MOC: I do actually like this one, despite the blatant Inika build. The greaves (leg armor) are supposed to be a bit wonky and jut out to the side, so that way he can mount, say, an armored Kikinalo. The cape isn't Bionicle at all; I got it from the Screaming Monkey Slingshot. :sigh: And I'm eternally thankful for the existence of black Technic rubber bands.

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Surprisingly, the color scheme here works. As you said, the Inika build is painfully overt. However, the weapon is awesome. Yet I really object to using rubber bands in construction - while it doesn't look terrible here (with the amount of them) I just have an aversion to the whole idea. Anywhoo, this is a very creative MOC.a_peace.png

15037057692_2fb1ce338a_t.jpg     15034366641_d827682ab5_m.jpg     15037424595_cf284dac70_t.jpg


Toa Gali Nuva

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