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The Best Topic of All Time?


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My topics are only occasional, and since they're either MOCs, polls, or stories, I don't think I could choose a "best topic." In the same way, I can't say that I've seen many memorable new-forum topics.However, with the last part of the first question and the entirety of the last question, the answer is obviously the old forum's Secret Stomache Meassage.brakelatabasaasta feed me

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brakelatabasaasta feed me :wacko:
Fix'd1. I only really post MOCs, so maybe my second Climate Robot or my Fire Wolf. However, neither was really that good. 2. That's a mean question. You're really asking me to CHOOSE ONE? :P However, I do think the Secret Stomach Message takes the cake (pun intended). Edited by Paleo
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1. I don't really think I've posted any notable topics...2. Probably Cyan Games on the old forums or Biotech Games on the old forums. Those were the days... sarcastic.gif

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1. Either one of the last topics I made, which was about the previous staff fad, or the topic that I made that asked members what is the longest time they've been inactive on BZP. I mention the latter because I started it last May of this year and it is still active in the forum.2. I have no idea. I guess the Official Greg Discussion Topic that was on the old Forum. I used to always check that topic for any new Bionicle storyline information.

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1. If by popular, I made a few "Who is your favorite (insert element here) character?" for all but ice (someone beat me to it.)2. Secret Stomach Message. But really, Greg Dialogue was a great one, as well as the topics for new sets, specifically the 2006 one (I wasn't a member then, but I did frequent BZP.)


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1. In terms of number of replies, it was a cliched what if topic from bang when they were allowed, got up to 150ish I think. My original Ask Nuju also stacked up a reasonable number of posts (for me) and actually had 2 or 3 regular posters.2. Best topic ever. I thought Expanded Multiverse Discussion topic at first, but it can be a bit clinical. I'd have to go back to the old forums again, and the epicness that was the MNOLG Style Character Creation kit topic. Lasted so long, so many great collaborators, it's a shame Onknu's presence diminished to the point it couldn't be continued to an official level.

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The best topic I have created here would probably have to be "The Disguised Great Being Revealed!" topic. I might have posted something better, perhaps one of the official topics in the S&T Forum.The OGD would probably have to be the best topic posted ever.


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1. Heck I don't know. One of my trade topics was fairly successful.2. Greatest topic of all time? Let's see. There was a banned member (I don't remember his name) who made a topic in New Member Q&A who went on about how much he needed attention, respect, love, proto and stuff like that because he was apparently the greatest person on the face of the earth. He asked for all those things and Than replied with possibly the greatest topic closer in existence:"No."

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My best topic would be "What was your favorite username you had" because it was the first time (barring two birthday topics) that got a lot of replies, posted a topic, and got multiple pages.Greatest topic anyone else has posted BZPstuck and any topic that evolves the staff's name changes. The only time where you can semi-role play without looking awkward doing it.


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