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http://imgur.com/XJXZXhttp://imgur.com/lzGrJThis is Baronu, former Toa of Magnetism. In terms of construction, he's rather simple, having an Inika-like base for his torso and three of his limbs. His defining features, however, are quite unique and interesting (hopefully): his razor-edged Buzzsaw Staff and massive robotic gun arm.BackstoryBaronu was originally a Matoran of Magnetism working as a toolsmith in a village of Matoran near the eastern shore of the Northern Continent. He was transformed into a Toa around 50,000 years ago by a Toa Stone of unknown origin. The Order of Mata Nui soon discovered his existence and instructed him to stay and defend his village rather than go adventuring and risk the Brotherhood of Makuta learning about him and killing him like they did so many other Toa of Magnetism. After his transformation, Baronu happily abandoned his original profession, always having found it boring and not as important as his fellow Matoran believed it was.Life was more or less ordinary for him until about 25,000 years ago, when the village was attacked by a particularly aggressive swarm of Nui-Rama. Baronu managed to get rid of them, but not before losing his left arm and the systems that allowed him to control his element. The Matoran of the village were kind enough to take him on a boat to Xia, where they met up with a Vortixx engineer and granted him an immense quantity of metallic Protodermis in exchange for a robotic arm and short-range jetpack for Baronu. Afterwards, Baronu continued to protect the Matoran village from Rahi (as well as Exo-Toa/Rahkshi when Teridax took over) until the Great Spirit Robot was fatally damaged and the entire population of the village evacuated to Spherus Magna.BZPRPG ContinuityIn the universe of the BZPRPG, the Nui-Rama incident never occurred, meaning that Baronu still has two normal arms, no jetpack, and full control over Magnetism. 24,000 years later, his entire village was destroyed during an earthquake resulting from the Great Cataclysm, and Baronu was the only survivor. He later made his way to the island of Mata Nui along with many other Toa and members of other species as well. Once there, he settled down in Onu-Koro and began using his elemental powers to help the Onu-Matoran miners dig metallic ore out of the ground. He finds this job nearly as boring as his old one as a toolsmith, however, and would rather be taking the fight to Makuta than working monotonously in claustrophobic tunnels. He is smart enough to know that the former is essentially suicide, though, so he doesn't try.Personality/AbilitiesBaronu is rather arrogant and not much of a strategist, relying on his equipment and powers to carry him out of battles victorious or at least alive. Back when he had his elemental abilities, he was spoiled by them in a sense, as most of the foes he has faced have had plenty of metallic components for him to crush and tear apart. After losing his Magnetism powers, however, he has successfully adapted to having to rely on his weapons more than anything else. He has above-average intelligence in general, but doesn't really use it that often. He's not very ambitious either, which is part of the reason why he was content with staying in obscurity even after his transformation.Baronu's weapons include the Buzzsaw Staff, a long spear/staff-like tool that has a set of spinning Protosteel blades on the end. In MOC form, the blades can be spun by rotating a gear on the outside of the staff. The blade mechanism can be detached from the staff and thrown at foes with the help of Baronu's Kanohi Sanok. Back when he had his elemental powers, Baronu could magnetically yank the blades back over to him and reattach them to the staff after they hit a target. Now, however, he has to run over and physically pick them up, and his staff is about as useful as a large rock on the end of a stick until he does so.The robotic arm that Baronu possesses, however, more than makes up for the loss of his Magnetism abilities. Not only does it contain a Zamor launcher with spheres that can corrode armor, but it is also equipped with seeker missiles, a laser scope/cannon, a pair of dagger-like blades, and a single-barrel explosive Cordak dart launcher. The power of these various weapons is further enhanced by Baronu's Sanok, which ensures that they all very rarely miss their target.Full Image CollectionDownload: http://www.sendspace.com/file/0y816y(As you can see if you download this, the robotic arm is so heavy that it has to be supported with both a 90-degree Av-Matoran arm and a variant on the normal Inika arm design.) Edited by 742mph



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