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The Guardian

You open with the inside of an amusement park. You see kids and adults playing in all ends of the pools. Some are wearing floaters and others are diving off boards or searching for toys in the bottom of the pool that others had thrown there, as the wade pool pulls and pushes older kids and parents around. You see others trying to hold their breaths the longest and some racing others to get to the other end of a pool. You then see a young girl go up on some stairs. She climbs and climbs until she reaches the top. She then walks forward a little and stops. A holding bar and the beginning of the long twist and turn slide take hold of the girl’s view of sight. She walks slowly towards the starting point. She looks at the water flowing down to the bottom and all the turns that are in the slide. She then notices the short dark tunnel in the middle of the slide so she looks up at the lifeguard with a worried look on her face.Lifeguard: It’s alright honey! You don’t have to go down if you don’t want to.The young girl then looks down again to see her mom and dad waiting for her at the bottom, standing on either side of the slide in the water. You see that the slide goes all the way to the bottom of the pool. She smiles and waves as they wave back at her. She then takes a deep breath and stands up straight almost like she is a gymnast getting ready to start a routine. She then grabs onto the handle, takes one last look at the lifeguard, and pulls herself down the slide. She screams and laughs as she slides down until she sees the tunnel coming closer to her. Before she reaches it, she sees the inside rotate and open at the bottom before the entrance into it. A figure comes out, looks at her, and then dissipates into a puddle of water. She tries to stop, but is unable too. She becomes scared until she enters the tunnel and sees four dark emblems light up. When she leaves, she is laughing again and screaming like she did before, as if nothing ever happened. She then reaches the bottom and goes over to her parents.Mom: So how was it sweetheart?Young girl: It was so much fun mommy. Can I go again?Dad: Of course you can April. We’ll wait for you down here.Young girl: Yeah!April then hurries out the pool and starts speed walking to start the climb up the stairs again. As she does, you head towards the building with the concession area and the shower and changing rooms. You head through the concession part to the front of the building with the persons taking the money or tickets to enter. A whole row of people pay, hand tickets, and listen to which room they should go to. A girl dressed in clothes goes up to them with a piece of paper in hand.Counter person: Hello! What can I do for you?Woman: Um! Yes! Hi! I was given this application a few days ago. A Brianna told me to bring it back today. She told me she would be here today.Counter person: Oh right! She told me about you. Um! One sec.The counter person taps another lifeguard who then jumps to the counter and begins taking money and tickets. She opens part of the counter and lets the woman through.Counter person: Alright, my name is Stephanie. Brianna is on lifeguard duty if you’ll just follow me.Woman: Oh, ok! My name is Elle.Stephanie: It’s nice to meet you Elle. Now let’s see! Ah! There’s Brianna. She’s is over by the diving boards. Hey! Brianna! Your new recruit is here.Ella looks across the pool where the lifeguard Brianna is speaking with another lifeguard. She waves at Ella.Brianna: Hey Ella! Be right there!Ella waves back and watches as she hands her whistle to the lifeguard she was speaking with. He is really handsome and as Brianna walks away, she and he meet eyes. They continue staring at each other after he gets up into his chair. Brianna is then standing in front of her.Brianna: Hey there Ella! It’s good seeing you again.Ella: You too.Brianna: Alright Stephanie! Thank you for your assistance with our new lifeguard.Stephanie turns around and walks away just as Ella gets a really confused look on her face.Ella: Your new what?Brianna: Lifeguard silly!Ella: But you haven’t even conducted an actual interview with me.Brianna: Silly Ella! When you are the owner of a swimming pool and your best friend since like kindergarten finally comes home from her third year at the stupid University of Florida for a spring break and wants to work with her best friend, you don’t need an official interview thing-a-mi-jingy to know that she will be hired on the spot. So what’s new with you Ella?Ella smirks a little.Brianna: Oooooo. Is there a boy I should know about?Ella: No! There was, but…Brianna: Oh no! What happened?Ella: Nothing happened. It’s just that like all the other boys I’ve dated. I go out with them for like three dates and then I find out that they have another girlfriend they aren’t telling me about and that just makes me feel like I’m just the girl guys wanna date when something is going wrong in their own relationships. I don’t think I’ll ever find someone.Brianna: I’m sorry El.Ella: No! Don’t worry about it. I’ll be fine just like all the others I didn’t even get to really know. Hi, my name’s blah blah blah and then ‘BOOM’ there are the true girlfriends.Brianna: Don’t say that Ella. You’re great! Forget about them. Don’t forget what your mom always said. There is always something planned for every person. I’m sure I can still get you finally laid by working here and you won’t have to worry about them not calling you or having another girlfriend. I know which do, which don’t. Which are exactly you type, which have no clue and can’t take a hint. I’ll pick you someone great. In fact, I already took the liberty of picking one for you.Ella: That’s sweet of you Brianna. It really is. Seriously though, don’t you think I’m a little old to be told who I can and can’t go out with?Brianna: Okay! Okay! But I’m still gonna hook you up.Ella sighs and then laughs with her best friend as Brianna throws her arm over Ella.Brianna: Come on! Follow me! Let’s go over the basics of lifeguardiandum or something like that.Ella: Lifeguardiandum?Brianna: It’s a new things.Ella: If you say so.They continue walking back to the office building and you see the unusual shape on the slide from before peering at them.

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