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The Kithi

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In the Southern Islands, a race of reclusive Rahi-like entities dwell. Though they have rarely seen Matoran interaction, Matoran scientists who have discovered them believe them to be very distant relatives of Matoran themselves. They were named "Kithi," Matoran for "friend." Building Instructions Page 1 ---- Mila The race of water-dwelling Kithi. They have built intricate undersea cities to keep safe from predators like Takea and Tarakava. ---- Asher The boldest race of Kithi, Asher live near volcanoes and lava flows. They are fiercely protective of Mila and Roba, and will attack with surprising aggression if they believe they or their own are in danger. ---- Roba Roba are fast-moving, fast-speaking Kithi who dwell in the trees. While all Kithi speak the same language, Roba speak a faster dialect with certain words cut out (similar to the Chutespeak dialect of Le-Metru). ---- Kithi Nui In times of desperation, an Asher, a Roba, and a Mila can fuse together to form a Kithi Nui, a Matoran-sized entity with small elemental control over fire, air, and water. Kithi are the only non-sentient living beings known to do this. Building Instructions Page 1Building Instructions Page 2 ---- Group Shot

Edited by Master Inika

"You are an absolute in these uncertain times. Your past is forgotten, and your
future is an empty book. You must find your own destiny, my brave adventurer.
-- Turaga Nokama


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I could see these being one of the BrickMaster (am I correct about the name?) club monthly sets. Asher and Mila definitely need to have those black vahki waists exchanged for their proper colors, dark red and dark blue respectively. Asher aught to have all red, no black, sockets. Preferably have the arm/torso ones be regular red, like the foot bulbs, and the hands be dark red (follow Mila's pattern). For Kithi, there are lime green bulbs, thus the arm/torso sockets ought to be lime green and the hands ought to be dark green. Otherwise, nice little MOCs.a_peace.png

15037057692_2fb1ce338a_t.jpg     15034366641_d827682ab5_m.jpg     15037424595_cf284dac70_t.jpg


Toa Gali Nuva

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If you can find Vahki pieces to match the colors of the blue and red ones, they'll look a lot better. Really original design to them all, though. I like the visorak feet for heads, and the arm designs are sweet, too.


Does anyone want to play the Master Chief Collection with me? I'm trying to get a team going for ranked. PM for GT.

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