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GregF answers your non-BIONICLE questions


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So, in addition to the GregF answers about BIONICLE posted in S&T, we used up some precious time to ask about other LEGO things. I left all conversation bits intact; don't really have ER's patience to make it super-digestible, so you get to read as-is =P.

Erebus: Is it alright if we ask questions outside of BIONICLE? Perhaps on Hero Factory?GregF: SureErebus: Alright, I'll start off with oneGregF: Just note, though, that while I have written fiction for it, I am not involved with the creation of story or characters for sets.Erebus: Is there a specific character/story idea that you regret not being fully developed/allowed by LEGO?GregF: No, not that I can think of. In general...If an idea was rejected in BIONICLE ...It was rejected by the team ...Not by the powers that be at LEGOI have no idea about ideas that may have rejected for Hero Factory.Dorek: Do you have any involvement with the upcoming Legends of Chima line?GregF: I can't really discuss that, as it is future product.Dorek: You've mostly answered it in your disclaimer, but just as a clarification, how much of the Hero Factory story did you invent for the books? i.e. Thresher's weapons were not named in the story anywhere, save for the book; was that your invention?GregF: The chapter books are basically my stories, though they are cleared with the global HF team.I have to work in current sets, of course, like always, but I come up with the stories and some new charactersOverall story for the year comes from the team in BillundSwert: so does that mean any character you come up with is considered semi-canon for purposes of HF in general, or do they have to approve them before they make it to print?GregF: It's the same as with BIONICLE -- anything I write has to get approved by Licensing in Billund before publication is allowedOnce it's approved, it's officialIn the case of HF, I do a story synopsisthat gets approvedand then I can writethen the book gets sent for approvalNinjago is the same wayDorek: I suppose this might end up being a little too specific, but when you wrote Legion of Darkness, there is a scene in particular where the villain Speeda Demon tampers with mining robots. Is this a deliberate reference to the 2010 Ordeal of Fire storyline, with malfunctioning mining robots?GregF: No, it's not. I was really focusing on 2012 characters when I did that book. Not past storyline so much.Dorek: Okay. It seemed like there might have been a connection, but we were unsure of how much input on the story elements you had. Thank youErebus: Do you have a favorite among the HF characters?GregF: Bulk is fun to writeAnd next year I introduce a galactic conspiracy into the story with some new charactersThat's been funThe 2013 books I have done were really fun to writeDorek: I'm looking forward to that story myselfIt's nice to have a deeper aspect of worldbuilding to accessErebus: Well that was something we didn't expect to hear today :PGregF: I am waiting to find out if I get to do moreI have written five so far totalwhich takes us through summer of next year (Three in 2013)

He is so writing for LoC.

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