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The Spectral Mask

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If you look at my profile on November 30th, 2012, you might notice something out of the ordinary. I have been a member of BZPower for years, but I am still in the New Members group. I created this account years ago, thinking that I would use it, but a friend of mine recruited me to another BIONICLE fan-site and I wound up never posting here. Rather, I wrote several BIONICLE Epics and Fan-Fictions of varying quality and posted them there. My friend and I, along with a handful of others, still use the site, and this epic was posted there first. However, with this story, I'm taking a different approach. My goal with Hopeless Dream is to get people talking. I'm trying to write the sort of story that leads people to wonder and theorize, and we'll see how well I accomplish this as time goes on. And so, to widen the audience, I am posting The Hopeless Dream here as well. I've done my best to portray realistically how these characters would react to awaking as human beings. They are just as confused as some of you probably are, about how they have arrived in this strange new world, and why they have been transformed. Rest assured, I have the answers, and I intend to reveal more and more about the situation, to the characters and to you, the readers, as the story marches forward. That said, I'm going to refrain from hinting at anything in this topic - I'll answer questions of clarification, of course, but I don't want to discuss any future plans I have in a story of this nature. Please, tell me what you think!


Edit: Firstly, second chapter is up, after several months and no comments. :closedeyes: But I'll keep at it, mind you.


Secondly, it would appear as though that second chapter was too long, or subject to a formatting glitch. One way or the other, it's been cut off. I'm working on splitting it now, and by the time anyone reads this, I suspect it will have been divided between two posts. However, if anyone can tell me what may have happened, or else redirect me to a topic which can, I would appreciate it.


On the upside, this might get me out of the New Members category... We'll see how that goes. I probably should try and shorten my chapters in any way I can, they're quite unwieldy.

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