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Do You Wish Hero Factory Reflected Bionicle Elements?

Aedai Rivin

Do you wish Hero Factory reflected Bionicle Elements?  

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They should definitely have used more than just clawed feet and a bunch of Von Nebula pieces. I was honestly hoping they'd've used Rahkshi and maybe Matoran pieces that could be used to make more of those species. Using some Bionicle masks in various ways wouldn't've hurt either.

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I'm glad somebody finally made this topic because I've felt that hero factory sets are just far to easy to build. I will give witch doctor credit since his design seems to be a lot more complex than any previous hero factory sets ( at least in my opinion)


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oops... I meant elements like Fire, Water, and Air. 0.0 Guess we'll continue with elements as pieces. Yeah, using more pieces from the Rahkshi would be great. Loved the Rahkshi. Rivin

It's not your fault. When Lego made their doomsday announcement, they said the next line would use elements of Bionicle, referring to old pieces, and new but compatible pieces. Besides, I always thought the heroes did have elemental powers.

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Perhaps the question would have been clearer if it had been phrased as "elemental powers". As it is, it's hard to tell how many voters mistakenly believed the topic was about building elements. Personally, I said no to both questions. While some BIONICLE powers have been used well in Hero Factory, particularly in the first series, BIONICLE's element system was somewhat arbitrary, with elements like Earth and Stone whose differences were somewhat vague and whose effects would be hard to express as sci-fi weapon effects (very few sci-fi heroes wield "dirt guns", after all). I think Hero Factory's elemental powers, if you can even call them that, would be better imagined independently rather than just carried over from such a different creative property. I do wish the powers in Hero Factory had stayed a bit more diverse and elemental after the first wave, though. Granted, there was precedent for heroes without obvious elemental affiliations on the "Past Missions" page of the Hero Factory website-- heroes like Lucas Valor, Emily Wise, Nathan Slick, etc. But it kind of bothered me that Nex and Evo only had generic energy blasts in orange and purple, respectively, when they appeared in the TV episodes. Sadly, I imagine the same thing will be done for Rocka, which is a shame as I like the unique weapon effects of the original six Hero characters in the show. The new torso patterns of the upcoming Hero Factory sets have a chance to potentially bring elements back to the forefront, but it's vague how well they'd do so. Evo's torso reflects a "tech" pattern consistent with his name but which might have been better for Nex, who is "the tech guy". Rocka's somewhat generic white swooshes aren't immediately indicative of any power, much less one consistent with his unusual name.

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