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The Backwards Movie game


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Okay, so here is how you play. Pick a movie and give a brief description of it if it were played in reverse at the first.

[Additional rules by Wind: Keep BZP's rules in mind: no inappropriate content and all that fun stuff.

Repeating movies is okay if you give a different take on things.

You win the game if your take on Armageddon makes fun of Aerosmith.]

Ill start. Grand Torino is about a man that recovers from about 100 gun shot wounds, only to get more and more racist. It eventually ends with the death if his wife, although she isnt in the entire movie. 10/10. Would watch again Edit: The COT Rules state that games require Forum Leader approval before being posted. I'm approving this one right now, but please keep this in mind for the future!-Wind-

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The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

A t-rex is captured in San Diego and brought to a tropical island where several other dinosaurs live. An RV materializes from the ocean and flies to the top of a cliff to pick up a group of people who were sent there to make sure the t-rex arrived safe an sound. Then Jeff Goldblum yawns.

This topic so far

If a tree falls in a forest and we're too far away to hear it, did a tree fall?


If a tree falls in a forest and we're too far away to hear it trees don't exist and never will.

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13 Assassins, a movie about 200 samurai who come back to life while 13 more samurai (well...12 samurai and one crazy brawler guy) pull their swords out of them. The 13 walk backwards to their land and go their separate ways, a newly wedded couple gets brought back to life as well by getting swords pulled out of them, and it all ends with another samurai pulling a knife out of himself while his wounds heal on the spot.I guess the feudal Japanese way of bringing people back to life is to pull swords out of them. It even heals wounds right when you do it!

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if you watch BIONICLE: the web of the visorak backwards it's a movie about six mutated toa and a large orange figure who escape from an arena, fall in reverse to land in cocoons that wrap around them, and back a ship-thingy out of water and sail backwards.

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The Amazing Spider-Man backwards is about a giant lizard who revives a police officer by stabbing him then removing the powers of other lizards via gas and a boy who leaves the superhero business and becomes "only friends" with his girlfriend. He also has his powers cured by a spider bite.

Thanks for years of fun, BZP. You made me happy as a child.
Wanna know how FC2 was gonna end/FC3 was gonna play out? Check my deviantART and my Brickshelf.

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Doctor Who: The TV Movie

The Doctor flies the TARDIS around lackadaisically and lands on Earth. The Master then ascends from the TARDIS's power source and trippy timey-wimey stuff happens on New Year's Eve. The Doctor goes to give an atomic clock to a San Francisco research institute and steals a jelly baby from a guard. He then begins behaving increasing oddly, alienating his companion, loses his shoes, wanders to a hospital, gets drowsy, scatters his clothes around, and dies. He regenerates and recuperates quickly thanks to medical doctors, and continues his spacetime adventures after making friends with some Chinese gangsters. The Master, meanwhile, sneaks back into the TARDIS in spirit form, and is revived by Daleks on Skaro.


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Inception is a beautiful movie, focusing on a man who, after hugging his children, picks up a top and walks backwards, out of frame, before joining a group of remarkable individuals walking backwards through an airport. They board a plan, slowly go to sleep, only to all take part in a bizarre dream, apparently controlled by a device, whose tubes they shove into their arms.


Strange storms, flying upwards, a removal of a knife from the central character's chest, followed by a calm walk through an amazing city, and then going to sleep in the slowly lapping waves of a beautiful sea...Inside this secondary dream, we see a military establishment suddenly rise from the dust, people skiing backwards, and lots of reverse gunfire. Before this, a consoled son walks away from his dead father, who suddenly revives, before locking him into a room, and then promptly collapsing, after having his heart stopped by an electrical charge. All the while, we see bits of footage concerning a man, tasked with reversing an explosion in an elevator, before collecting the explosives. After this, we finally realize that this is an even deeper dream state! Slowly making his way down the building, ignoring strange gravity conditions, and helping security from falling, this previously-unseen character also magically removes bullets, with a gun-like apparatus.

As well as all of this, there's some strange, rather confusing footage of a bus, slowly rising from a river, to land on a bridge...


The remarkable group of people slowly gather in the lobby of a building, before going further into a fourth dreamstate. Plot reveals, all around!

A warehouse is occupied by all of the characters, and a wounded character, who appears to now be in even greater pain, is bleeding and moaning. The characters have a dramatic discussion. Gun-wielding soliders/mercenaries slowly retreat from the building, and then all of the main characters escape, via an automobile. Instantly, there's a fire fight, oddly interrupted by a fright train. All quiets down, a main character leaves one of the two cars being driven, and the central character forces a taxi driver back into his car. Suddenly, we're back on the plane! Everyone's drinking water and being offered immigration forms, and the central character grabs another character's wallet, though he hardly seems to notice, before giving it to another character, who hands it back to him. We suddenly cut to collection of scenes focusing on a character slowly getting disillusioned with the world of dreaming, before returning to a university. The central character discusses something with a professor. The wounded character is offering the central character some sort of job, that he agrees to, before awkwardly fleeing, with the character who was disarming the explosives. The wounded character is asleep on a train, which the central character and Mr. Explosives enter. They join him in his dream, only for the central character to slowly watch water surge out of a Japanese castle, before running backwards, to vacuum-gun a bullet from his friend's head, slide across a table, and put something back into a safe.


We watch him slowly climb up a rope, to enter another room, where a character, the one who pulled a knife blade out of his chest in the beginning on the film, and has seemed to display romantic affection for him, (Not to mention an ability to fly at great speeds), stares at him, sighs, and then gets up from a chair.


We then follow them as they discuss something on the roof of the castle, before the central character splits up with her, and once again speaks with Mr. Explosives. They enter the room where the central character table-slid and bullet-vacuumed. The talk quietly with the once-wounded character.

Suddenly, we cut to a scene featuring an elderly man, and a disorderly central character, who stares into empty space, before eating his oatmeal. Apparently he says something offensive, seeing as the old has him dragged away. The old man's guards lay him on the beach, where he sleeps peacefully.




what the heeeeeeeeck-


(Sorry, as brief as I could make it)

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