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Day 9: The Picture In My Locket


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The Locket


It was a warm, sunny day. Kaila awoke to the sound of the alarm clock buzzing on her phone and quickly hit the snooze. She heard a plop and peered out from under the sheets at a figure hovering there. It was her roommate Shannon. She was stretching her arms and legs like she was warming up for track practice at school, but it was summer. Still senior year started tomorrow and she’d been really practicing a lot for the past month, making sure she was ready for when she would have to participate in school sports.

Shannon wasn’t able to hang out with Kaila as much, but she always found time for her best friend. Kaila didn’t mind this however, because she’d been friends with Shannon since kindergarten, and was used to her busy schedule and her countless winning attempts of getting Kaila to join her while she trained. Kaila finally got Shannon to stop having her tag along since she wasn’t really the athletic type and didn’t enjoy training as much as Shannon did, though she was still small in stature just the same with some muscles. Shannon turned back to Kaila, who was almost back into her dream state.

Shannon began, “Wake up Kaila! It’s time to stretch and shower and get ready for our busy day. Let’s go! Get up!”

Kaila pulls the sheets up higher over her head. “I don’t think so.”

“Come on! You know you can try and fight me, but I always win.”

Knowing Shannon was speaking the truth this time, because Kaila knew Shannon planned this a month ago, Kaila pulled the sheets down and blew a puff of air upwards to push her bangs out of her face. “Fine! You win! I’m up!”

“Thank you! I always do.”

“Almost always.”

“Fine. Almost always. Now move it!”

As for winning in sports, however, she was in fact right. She is the fastest runner in our school and is great with hurdles and long distance. She’s never lost verse the other schools’ athletes since the eighth grade. She was the strong, athletic type, who worked constantly to improve herself and ensure that her chance for an athletic scholarship would be in her grasp. She also participated in basketball and volleyball, but due to there being other participants in the game, she couldn’t control the outcome too much on those games, but our school still does great just the same. They’d gone to state numerous times and their school was ranked as one of the top three schools in their state.

As for Kaila, she was the really smart one. The ‘NERD.’ Shannon was smart too, but not like Kaila. Kaila had an eidetic memory, or photographic. She could recall images, sounds, and objects in memory with extreme precision. You could ask her anything about her past and she could tell you everything she did, what she heard, where she was, and who she was with. It did lead to many issues for her as well in her life. She stored information that wasn’t necessary or important to her, but it happened. People always thought it was a blessing when it came to school and such, but she found it to be annoying, so she tries to keep it a secret. All the students in her school were used to the fact that she had a photographic memory, so they no longer bug her about it.

Anyways, back to yesterday. Kaila got up, took a shower, did her hair and makeup, and got dressed. Shannon had a special day planned for her friend. She wanted to spend the final summer day with Kaila, so she called her over to stay the night, and then was going to take her around the town to many fun planned activities. The final one was the best of all; it was a surprise sure to make Kaila very happy. She made sure Kaila looked real nice and dressy for it. The more Kaila got ready, the more she got excited. She thought Shannon was the greatest best friend anyone could have, so she started thinking what she could do for her in return. She couldn’t think of anything off the top of her head, but was sure she could think of something while they were out.

First, Shannon took them to get some breakfast at IHOP. She knew how much Kaila liked their pancakes and waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. They sat and talked about what they were going to wear for their first day. They always liked to make a statement starting the new school year. Since this was their last year, they needed to make it the best one yet. Last year, they dressed up wearing their favorite football team jerseys and painted their faces. They even wore different colored shoelaces and ribbons in their hair. The other students always wondered what these two girls would wear, since this had been their tradition since middle school when Shannon didn’t realize her shirt she was wearing got a cut in the back, exposing her tank underneath. Luckily she had a sweatshirt over it.

Their first period class was Physical Education, so when they were changing, Kaila noticed it. Shannon started crying, but was thankful no one noticed since they were the only ones left in the locker room. Kaila felt terrible, but then figured out a solution. She was a good sewer, thanks to her mother, and was always looking for new things to try. She recently discovered something in a magazine that she wanted to do, so she snuck back to her locker quickly, and grabbed her pink flowery scarf, her scissors, ruler, and her extra thread and needle

She came back and told Shannon not to worry as she took her shirt and told her to explain to the teacher that she was having that time of the month issues and that she’d be right out. Shannon cheered up and did as she was told. Since the instructor was a male, they did not have to worry about him going to check on Kaila. She started working on the shirt. She cut a bigger slit down the middle, making the cut twice its original size. She wondered how Shannon didn’t realize this tear was ever there, but figured she was still half asleep when she was getting dressed and it would’ve been her younger brothers who cut the hole.

They were just recently allowed to use the adult scissors and had been using them on all sorts of things. Even the poor cat had to go through the torment and it looked like it was patched together like Frankenstein’s monster. They were taken away from them, but it seemed they found where their mom put them or did it before they got in trouble and lost the privilege of using them.

Kaila began cutting slits using her ruler on both sides along the slit and then grabbed her long scarf. She used the ruler again and measured 5 inches of the flower print and began cutting. She then called her mom and asked if she’d bring the other long flower scarf she had that matched the one she was using now, except it was purple instead, though the pink was her favorite. She explained the situation to her mother who stopped at the school with the scarf before heading off to work. Kaila thanked her mother, who praised her for the work she already had done, and continued working. The class wasn’t much longer and she wanted to have her work finished before it was. She weaved the scarf pieces through the slits and turned them into bows.


Class was over and so was Kaila. She heard footsteps and watched as the girls came into the locker rom. Shannon was the last one in and sneaked over to Kaila at their lockers.

She asked, “Is it better now Kaila?”

Kaila smiled and opened her locker to reveal not one, but two shirts with the slits and bows.

Shannon smiles and hugged her friend hard and praised her on how well done they were. They quickly switched and went to their next class. People were shocked on how unique their shirts were and all the girls asked where they could get one and the bows that matched them in their hair.

Shannon’s only reply was, “You can get them from having as great a friend as I do.”

Since then, Kaila and Shannon decided to do something big for the first day of school every year after that.

Now Kaila found herself at the mall, looking at clothes to help determine how they were going to dress for their first day tomorrow. They agreed on wearing uniforms like you see in Catholic schools. Kaila decided she would sew their initials on the blazers and the school logo on the ties to show their school spirit. They choose short ruffled black skirts, with a Navy blue blazer with pink flowers on white on the cuffs, and a white button down shirt with Navy blue ties to match the blazers.

They also looked at jewelry, including this locket that caught Shannon’s attentions. She said, “Look at this! This is so you Kaye. It is the coolest locket I’ve ever seen.

It was heart-shaped with little pink flowers donning pink gems in the center of them.

Kaila’s response was, “That is cool, but don’t you think you’re spending enough for one day.”

“You’re right! I’ll get it Friday when I get my allowance.”

After shopping, they headed to the bowling alley to verse each other. Thanks to Kaila’s special ability of memorization they never use the screen to keep track of score. Last time, Shannon bowled a 104 and Kaila got 146. She was really good at it because she knew what placement and speed would get her a strike, but she gets distracted because she keeps scores and sees other lanes out of the corner of her eye, so she never bowls a perfect game. This time there was only people in the lane to the right of them, so she did better, as did Shannon. Kaila got a 165, while Shannon got a 124.

After the game, Shannon took Kaila, and went to eat at Red Lobster. Kaila loved their maple grilled chicken with rice pilaf, while Shannon got shrimp. They split the ticket as per Kaila’s request and Shannon said, “Alright, time for the big finale,” as they got into her car.

Kaila smiled and couldn’t stop considering what it could be. She thought they might go to the movies. There were a couple she’d been wanting to see that weren’t exactly something Shannon normally watched unless she got Kaila to go to one that she didn’t prefer either. However, sometimes they would end up agreeing it was good afterwards. Anyways Kaila never would have guessed what they were actually going to be doing was getting their photos taken.

Kaila didn’t really care about getting her photo taken because she could remember everything in her head, but Shannon and her parents both told her that is she ever wanted to show her children and husband or others in the future, it’s be nice to actually be able to show them. Even so, she tended to be camera shy, except with Shannon. She knew this was important to her though and that she would want to remember today too since she didn’t have a photographic memory, so she was happy to do it for a friend.

When Kaila agreed it would be fun and that she was excited, which she still was because of how happy it made Shannon, Shannon went and confirmed their appointment. They then followed the photographer to the back and looked at the different backgrounds there were to choose from. They both agreed on the meadow drop with the sunlight on the tall grass and with yellow and pink and blue flowers. The photographer positioned them so that they would appear as if they were lying in the grass since the drop extended onto the floor as well.


He then had them sitting back to back with one knee up and their hands resting on them.


Shannon then stood up and had Kaila remain seated. Kaila didn’t understand what was going on until Shannon’s mother and her mother walked in with pink roses and something else she recognized. It was the pink flower scarf and the shirts with the bows on the back that she had sewn. Kaila was so surprised and excited for what her friend did and that she found a scarf just like the one she had. She stood up and began thinking about that day as she quickly hugged her friend.

They changed the background to a creamy white and brought out two lockers, which she also recognized. They were the ones Shannon had bought them from the school a few years back, because they were getting new ones put in. She managed to get the ones they used in P.E. in middle school, except that Kaila suggested they switch and keep the others’ locker. She loved that idea, so Kaila took her #53 and Shannon took #55.

Shannon and the photographer worked on setting them up in front of the backdrop, while Kaila and their mother watched. They hung the shirts inside, making sure the bows had some visibility and then they sat the way they had before with their backs against their original lockers. They had different ends of the scarf around their necks, with the excess hanging in front of the lockers, without concealing the shirts, just the hangers they were on. They held the roses in their hands next to their faces, resting their elbows on their knees. They turned slightly at an angle to face the photographer better. Kaila took the opportunity whilst the photographer was going to his camera and looked at Shannon who did the same. They both smiles at each other and then…


They looked at him as he responded with, “Perfect.”

They all laughed and then they took one more picture before they were done. He gave them a look at the pictures on his computer and told them when they would be ready to pick up and their mothers said goodbye and told them how happy they were and that they would have to pick out some frames to put them in, which gave Kaila a great idea.

Shannon took Kaila home and after many hugs and a ‘thank you’ and a ‘see you tomorrow’, Kaila hurried inside and asked her mom to drive her.

Next day…

Shannon was at school already putting all her stuff in her locker and hanging up her mirror and pictures. She was wearing the outfit they picked out the day before, but hadn’t put the blazer on yet and had a sweater on, because she wanted to wait for her friend. Kaila still hadn’t arrived and 1st period was about to start.

As she grabbed the notebook, folder, and writing utensils for class she wanted for her first class, she saw Kaila. She walked towards her friend in her uniform and a box.

Kaila: Hey Shane!

Shannon: Hey Kale! What’s the box for?

Kaila handed her the brown box with the beautiful silver bow on it and watched as she opened it. Shannon pushed back the tissue paper and there it was. It was the locket she had wanted. Her eyes began to tear as she gently picked it out of the box and held it between her fingers.

Kaila: Open it up!

Shannon looked up at her friend then back at the locket. She pulled the clasp and opened it to see the picture in the left half of it of them wearing the outfits in middle school.

She hugged Kaila and asked her why she had got the locket for her, since she was gonna get it for her, but then Kaila reached into her blazer pocket and pulled out another one, and opened it to reveal the same thing in hers.

Shannon: You have a picture!

Kaila: I sure do. I want to be able to show my children their mother and aunt Shannon in middle and high school.

Shannon: This is just our middle school… Oh, you mean to put the picture from yesterday in the other half.

Kaila nodded and Shannon shed a few tears down her cheeks as she hugged her friend. Kaila reached in her other pocket and pulled out a tissue. Almost everyone was in class, so people wouldn’t see her crying. She wiped and eyes and then pulled off her sweater and put on her blazer and tie as Kaila put her stuff away and grab her stuff for their first class. They put on their lockets as well and the little pink bows for their hair. They closed their lockers and headed off to their first class linking arms.


Thank you! Any and all comments appreciated!

Wordsmith <3

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