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What's your favorite quote from Bionicle media? (Literature, Serials, Movies, etc.) Mine would be:


"We have grown so powerful, since our arrival to Mata-Nui; Yet so frequently we are dwarfed by the mysterious forces in this place."

-Toa Gali, BIONICLE Comics, Bohrok Saga Part 2: What lurks Beneath


"​ Patience is no virtue when the ground begins to shake."

-Kopaka Nuva, BIONICLE Comics, Bohrok Saga Part 3: The End of the Toa?


"I know you like riddles, Matoro. Here's one: What's White, Gold and can't keep a secret to save his life?"

-Jaller, Bionicle Legends #1: Island of Doom


"So we find this mask-"

"And quick-save the Universe! Just like past-old times!"

Tahu and Lewa Nuva, Bionicle Legends #1: Island of Doom


Wouldn't that be interesting? First thing I'd do, is find Makuta Teridax.... and give him a great....big... hug...

-Vezon, Reign of Shadows


"Entire crew decided to go take a swim all at once. Who would've thought?"

-Takadox, Federation of Fear


"Who shall go next? Spiriah the Sullen? Brutaka the Boorish? Vezon the Vanquisher? Or Lariska.....The wise, wonderful, and gloriously homicidal?"

-Vezon, Federation of Fear


"Hey guys, that's a rock. Remember me? I'm Pohatu. I do rock."

Pohatu Nuva,Bionicle Legends #1: Island of Doom

Edited by Dude w/ a Hat

Morally unambiguous.

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Haha, I was just thinking about a that's topic just like this, but that one's buried in the depths of COT.


"Yes, I know all about destiny. Mine was interfered with so you could create legends. It's time I returned the favor."

- Teridax or Pridak (not sure who said that)


"Excuse me, oh brutal, blade-weilding lover of gardening."

- Vezon


"I don't have time for this. I have places to be, and bodies to break."

- Miserix

save not only their lives


but their spirits

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Besides that one certain quote said by Kopaka in Mask of Light, I always liked these quotes:"I know you. You were one of my rescuers from Artidax. You're the one who never shuts up."~ Miserix to Vezon, Reign of Shadows"Actually, I do have a wish you could make come true. A world without Makuta!"~ Onua to Gorast, Swamp of Secrets"I am Lesovikk, though no one has called me Toa in a very long time."~ Lesovikk, Dreams of Destruction




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"There are a thousand ways I could kill you right now. 941 of them hurt."     -Makuta Teridax, Time Trap

The first time I read this I laughed so hard. XD.


Toa! Hey, that's great. I always wanted to be a Toa. Just one question: what's a Toa?"— Pohatu, Swamp of Secrets


-HDXC2000 6.0

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Oh, there have been so many over the years, so it's hard to pick even a handful. Jaller's little "riddle" pertaining to Takanuva is one good one. Most of the other good ones came from Vezon, Teridax, and Kopaka (when he actually spoke.)


Some others that I can think of are as follows:


"I fell a long way from the light, and I can never find my way back. But the darkness is not so complete that I can't recognize a monster when I see one." — Brutaka


"For more than 100 centuries, I have looked into the face of evil again and again. It sickens me." — Axonn


"You... imbeciles. You ignorant stone apes... is this how you try to save existence?" — Artakha


"Tahu told me something once, not long after he first arrived on our island. He said having real courage doesn't mean being unafraid of death - it means you keep on striving for what's right despite your fear." — Jaller


"I am doing something a Makuta never does -- I am offering mercy. Flee Gali -- leave this place, go anywhere in this universe, but do not stay in Karda Nui!"—Krika


"It's like he's looking for all these escapees, but he's the one who's really lost."— Hahli


"Clickityclickcrickclickityclick!" --Click


Just to name a few.



~Your friendly, neighborhood Shadow



~Credit for Avatar and Banner goes to


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"It's not about honor, pride or who's better, it's about winning!"


Tahu --Journey's end


"Even if you stand a 100 million meters highs you remain an insect in my eyes Makuta, and here on Bara Magna we know how to deal with those"


Mata Nui --Journey's end


"I've slept for long, my dreams have been dark ones, but now i'm awake, the darkness cannot stand before me!"


Kopaka Comic 001

Edited by Dual Matrix

I'm back!

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Guest Takua the Chronicler7

I have a lot, actually. In fact, 2 of them are in my sig. Others include:"We need a plan.""Would screaming and running count? 'Cause that seems like a really good plan right now."-Matoro and Kongu"You cannot defeat me, for I am nothing."-Teridax"Not luck. It's what you do that makes you a hero."-KopakaJust to name a few.

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