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Open with a girl riding an old fashioned bike on the streets waving to people as she goes. She stops when she sees a young girl alone in an alley covered in a blanket looking in the garbage for food. She goes up to a stand selling fresh produce and bread.

Girl: May I have a loaf of bread and an apple?

Man: That'll be five pence ma'am.

She reaches in her pocket and then hands him the money.

Girl: Thanks!

She then breaks the bread in half. She puts half in her satchel and heads over to the little girl.

Girl: Hello there! What's your name?

Young girl: Sarah!

Girl: It's nice to meet you Sarah!

She says it sadly and the young girl notices.

Young girl: What's wrong?

Girl: You really want to know?

The young girl nods her head.

Girl: Alright, but first you have to come on out of there.

Young girl: Ok!

She goes over and helps her out of the garbage and back on the ground.

Girl: There you go!

She then begins to walk away, but the young girl goes after her.

Young girl: Hey wait! You're supposed to tell me why you're sad.

She smiles but turns around without it.

Girl: Oh right! Yeah!

She reaches into her satchel and pulls out the bread half.

Girl: You see, I was hungry right, so I bought a loaf of bread, but after a few bites I got full, and my mom told me not to fill myself up and spoil my appetite for dinner. If she finds out I had this bread she will get really upset and I don't know what else to do.

She takes a deep breath and lets it out.

Girl: So you see my dilemma?

The young girl begins to think and the girl sees it.

Young girl: Well, I could take it for you and then you won't have to get into trouble.

Girl: Oh, would you?

She nods.

Girl: Wow! Thank you! You don't know how much I appreciate this. Thank you Sarah!

She hands her the bread and walks back until she reaches her bike.

Girl: I'll always remember this.

She gets on her bike and they both wave, as Sarah runs off and the girl drives off. She continues riding with a smile on her face until she goes around a corner and sees many police and news reporters around her house. She speeds up on her bike as her smile turns to worry and fear. She drops her bike and runs up to the house only to be stopped by an officer.

Girl: No, that's my house!

The air fills with silence except for the breath she releases as she runs to the front door and opens it after escaping from the grip of the police officer. She opens it and sees her parents lying on the floor with police everywhere. A tear releases unto her cheek. An officer then walks up to her, picks her up, and then turns to leave with her, but she looks back and watches, not knowing her life was about to change. At the police station... A man enters the room where she sits, waiting.

Man: I'm sorry to hear about your parents. They were well known, giving to every charity in the community. I'm Chief Williams and I promise we will find your parents' killer. It has become one of my top priorities. As for now, it seems you have only one family member close enough that we can send you to until we figure out who your parents placed as your guardian in their will. He is your uncle. Now Mr. Vladimir has been notified about your situation and should be here shortly. He, too, is a respectable member of our society. He has taken in many orphans and made them part of his family as he has no wife to speak of. All your belongings will stay at your home and you uncle plans to stay at the house with you with the other children until everything has been finalized.

Vladimir looks through the window of Chief Williams’ office.

Williams: And there he is now.

The chief stands up as does she and they turn around as he walks through the door. He rushes over and hugs her.

Vladimir: Oh you poor child. I am so sorry about your parents. Your father was the best brother ever. Come on dear! Let's get you home!

He grabs her hand and uses his other hand to shake Williams’ hand.

Williams: I’m sorry it turned out this way for your brother. He was a good man who was a respected member of our dear community.

Vladimir: I know. He was always great with getting himself well known through his deeds. I only wish I could’ve saved him.

Williams: Seems you and your brother have a lot in common. My only hope is that we can find who did this terrible thing.

Vladimir: So you think this was a murder.

Williams: So it seems. We’ll be sure to let you know if anything changes in the case.

He bends down to the little girl.

Williams: I am sorry for your loss. You’ll be in great hands with your uncle.

The door of the house then opens and you see about thirteen children waiting for them.

Vladimir: These are my other children. None are my own flesh and bone though like you, but I treat them like they were my own. Now, because of your devastating situation, you will be given extra special treatment. So, what is your name?

She opens her mouth until…

Vladimir: No wait! Your starting a new life now so you should have a new, better name. I’m thinking Charlotte.

Girl: I…

Vladimir: Ah! No need to thank me. I’m going to take great care of you. You’re family. Now you can go and take some time up in your room. I know how hard it can be to lose your parents. The children and I will work on dinner.

She turns and goes upstairs and then…

Vladimir: Alright children! Now I want you to cook a most delicious dinner for us tonight and to do all the cleaning. I don’t want Charlotte to have to even lift a single finger. She is not to have to work at all. Am I clear?

The children all nod their hands.

Vladimir: Good! Then why don’t I see anybody moving? Go!

The children scurry off in every direction. Vladimir turns around and shuts the double door with a huge mischievous smile on his face. You then see Charlotte in her room sitting against the backboard of her bed with a quill, ink, and a piece of parchment paper. You hear her thoughts as she writes them down.

Charlotte: As I am writing this, my life is already beginning to change. My uncle Vladimir is creating a whole new life for me. I fear I will soon forget my old life and my memories will turn to stone. He seems to be up to something, but as to what, I am not sure. This note will ensure that my memories will remain close to my heart. The key to my locket shall be hidden too, with it protecting the memory of my parents as I keep the locket with me, and the secret of my true name, which has been taken away. I will then be able to find my way home, as I will place it in a secret locker known only by myself and hidden meanings surrounding my new room.

You then see her look around the room. She notices a small hole that once held a knob she spots on the floor below. She puts the note and locket in a wall socket covered by a knob.

Charlotte: Good luck my dear.

Wordsmith <3

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