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Two Ticks: Story

Lord Nektann

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Toa located. Activation protocols initiating. These were the first command lines spoken in the massive robotic behemoth since its creation. Slowly the hum of processors activating after 100,000 years of dormancy began to speed to life.


Activation initiated. Opticial drives coming up. The eyes opened, and they stared blankly at darkness. A thick cloud of dust hung in the air. The vault hadn't been opened for as long as the robot had been dormant. Power levels to auxiliary functions are at 25%. Reviewing Toa signatures. Scanning. Scanning.


The humming got louder and louder and louder. Tahu, Toa of Fire. High power energies detected. Spiking. Rapid spiking of power energy. Threat level: MAXIMUM. Takanuva, Toa of Light. Light refractors wearing off. Prognosis: not to be underestimated. Threat level: HIGH. Auxiliary power at 95% Full force required to break Exidisian vault. Charging


Green light flooded the chamber as a weapon charged. It fired a blast of excessive concussive energy and the metal door shattered. A gray dim hallway lay up ahead and the robot began to walk through it. Its feet crunched on the marble. New contacts. Gali, Toa Nuva of Water. Pohatu, Toa Nuva of Stone. Onua, Toa Nuva of Earth. Toa Nuva. High power manifestations. Threat level: VERY HIGH. Distance, several hundred thousand kilometers away. Prognoisis, months before position reached.


The robot smashed through the wall at end of the hallway and brilliant white light flooded its optical sensors. When they recovered, it saw a dense jungle. OPTICAL SENSORS POWER RESTORED. Location: BOTA MAGNA. Contact! Toa! Lewa, Toa Nuva of Air. Threat level: VERY HIGH. Distance, a thousand kilometers. Readjusting target vectors...speeding up mainframe...Lewa Nuva targeted. Engage with caution. SECONDARY PRIORITY: Tahu. Main power at 99% The robot then disappeared, activating its cloaking mechanisms. 100% POWER. UNIT 7, MARENDAR, OPERATIONAL.



-Lord Nektann

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Chapter 1

A light flipped on and I blinked and looked around. The room was still dark, except for a tiny bulb high above me. Looking down I saw my feet were cuffed to a chair, and my wrists were bent back behind me. I cricked my neck and sighed, I had woken up only a few minutes ago. The Bara Magna invasion hadn't gone completely as planned.


"Hello Nektann," said a deep voice. "Long time no see?"


I recognized the voice immediately and straightened up, quietly looking for ways out of the room. All the walls were solid rock, likely put up by a Toa of Stone. Maybe Pohatu. "Oh yes," I said to stall. "Tobduk. Haven't seen you since that little business on Nynrah."


"Seems your loyalties have shifted," Tobduk said.


Continuing to look around, I looked back ahead of me at the wall I assumed Tobduk was behind. "I follow my own loyalties," I said. "Or those of somebody with greater power than I. I assume we lost? I'm curious to exactly how Mata Nui pulled out the victory."


Tobduk laughed. "The Makuta is dead! The universe, the robot, is destroyed. We're here on Spherus Magna now."


I pretended not to be shocked at the revelation. "Is that anything like Bara Magna?"


"New and improved," Tobduk said. "We're starting a jail here, and we figured you should be its first occupant. This is an interrogation Nektann."


"Tobduk," I said. "Are you a member of that Order of Mata Nui?"


"Yes," he said. "And we're going to be running the government here. I apologize, but Tahu cannot be in charge. He's good enough to beat you at any rate."


"A minor tactical error," I said.


"So tell me," Tobduk said. "What did he promise you?"


"Nothing short of Bara Magna," I said. "And I intend to keep to that promise."


Tobduk laughed. "As far as we know, there isn't even another Makuta to give it to you!"


That was the last straw. I activated my third power and slipped out of my cuffs. My third power allowed slime to secret on my body, to escape being captured. I hadn't used it in 10,000 years. Quickly I moved at the stone and began punching at it. All the while Tobduk just laughed. "Little Skakdi, with nowhere to go," he said. "This is solid stone."


"Then how are you talking to me?" I asked, turning and lunging at the sound of his voice. I feel right through the illusion and on top of Tobduk. I Flash Visioned his eyes, and he screamed in annoyance. I hopped to me feet and ran through twisting corridors and mazes that were all covered in darkness. I was Nektann, feared Skakdi warlord, and I had never been so afraid.



Gahbrei was standing next to her boyfriend's Thornatus V9. For the record, he had been pretty badly beaten up by some Rahkshi thing that had a supersonic scream, and another magnetic one that crumpled his armor. Perditus was always 'accident prone' Gahbrei liked to call it. So now she was watching his vehicle as some Agori stitched him back together in the jail/hospital combo. She ran through the scenario in her mind again, trying to comprehend what just happened.


"Okay," she muttered. "Ignore WHERE they came from. The analog to Agori is Matoran. They come in about 15 different flavors, similar to our tribes. They do the hard-labor. Then, if they're lucky, they'll get infused power and transform into Toa. Toa are like me, a Glatorian. Except they have masks that control powers, and they can control elemental powers. Like Ackar. And if you have a special Golden Armor suit you basically have tons of powers and your name is Tahu. Then once you've been a Toa for a while you turn into a Turaga, little old wise men that are back to Matoran size. And that's just one species."


There was a crash from inside the building, but Gahbrei didn't here it. "Okay, so now the WHERE. They were in a universe INSIDE a giant robot that went around named Mata Nui. It was supposed to heal the planet. But Mata Nui was kind of ineffective, so he got taken over by Makuta, a bad guy, and was sent here in a mask. Then Mata Nui made a body, saved us from Skrall, and got in the old robot that was our homes to fight Makuta who was here in Mata Nui's OLD body. They had a big fight where Mata Nui pulled the moons BACK which reformed the planet. And a piece of one of the moons conked Makuta on the head, killing him, and the Matoran went out of the universe into our planet. Mata Nui then used the mask to re-prettifiy everything, then his robot disintegrated, and he went BACK in the mask and fell asleep."


Gahbrei sighed. "This is ridiculous, just ridiculous."


Then, bursting from the door was a blue armored man, wearing a scowl on his face. Or a smile. "And that is a Skakdi," Gahbrei muttered. "Vicious, evil..." It then occurred to her that maybe the Toa hadn't exactly planned for him to escape. And he was bearing down right on her.


"Stop right there!" Gahbrei yelled. "I'm a Glatorian, and I'm not a pushover!" Suddenly she couldn't see and crumbled to the ground. Hey Mata Nui, could you get the rest of us elemental powers? I'd really like to flash fry this guy just about now.



I leaped over the red Glatorian female and jumped in the tan vehicle she was guarding. The controls were similar to must normal vehicles, and he began to speed away from the facility. I bet I can band together a little group, stake out a territory. A whole planet is a whole different ballgame after all. Suddenly there was a mini explosion on the vehicle's big wheel. I turned to see a blue vehicle gaining on me, a sleeker motorcycle with the Glatorian in it. Even more astounding, I wasn't driving over sand, but a picturesque meadow. Okay, time to take out this joker. A Fire female? What a laugh.


Spinning the vehicle, I tugged on controls to try and fire the big silver guns. Concussive force fired, but only hit the bike, causing it to spin. Frantically I turned and kept driving, and saw a jungle beginning to materialize in the distance. The bike was almost behind me now.


"Who are you!" the girl yelled.


"Nektann," I said. "Ruggedly handsome Skakdi warlord."


We were in the jungle now, moving through trees with a roaring river to our left.


"Gabrehi!" she yelled. "A Glatorian. You stole my boyfriend's bike!"


Boyfriend? I thought. "Too bad," I muttered.


"Three!" she started to yell, her bike now hitting my wheel. "Two!" Suddenly I began to hear a roaring. "ONE!"


She fired again, and I shot forward, moving, moving, until I tumbled right off a giant waterfall.

-Lord Nektann

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Chapter 2

It all happened in very slow motion. I leaped from the pilot seat of the vehicle and jumped up in the air and saw the Glatorian's bike had gotten stuck in the back of my vehicle. She was petrified with fear. Something inside me wasn't feeling heartless today, so I grabbed her shoulder and pulled her up in the air. I grabbed her and leaned back on the cycle/vehicle combo so the tip of my vehicle was pointed town. The mist was in my face, and I was quite put off by the body heat and 'fleshiness' of the Glatorian. So it was true they were completely organic. They're disgustingly weak. I thought. We were seconds from impact when I whispered to her. "I'd close my eyes if I were you."



My eyes shot open and I was looking up at the massive waterfall unlike anything I had ever seen before. My entire body completely and utterly ached. Bluntly I realized that I was on top of the completely wrecked Glatorian's bike. I pulled myself up and rubbed my face. "Haven't felt this put out such Krika hammered me out in that little incident on Stelt," I muttered. I looked around, and didn't find Gabrehi anywhere at all. Not a big loss. I thought. I looked around at the plants, all so very very different than anything I had seen before. The trees were real in the universe I was from, but these were truly ALIVE. I hope they don't start throwing apples. I thought.


"Great," I heard a voice mutter. "Now we're stuck in a jungle."


I turned and saw Gabrehi sitting on the banks of the rivers with her helmet in her hands. Her long dark hair covered her pale reddish skin. I stood up. "I didn't decide to force a guy off a waterfall," I said, walking over. Play nice with the natives. I didn't fight any, so maybe they can forget me.


She looked up at me, her hair wet and still covering her face. "You stole my boyfriend's vehicle!" she said, annoyed. "I'm sure you would have done for the same for your girlfriend."


I could only laugh. "You natives are so concerned with petty things. I'm more concerned something else than relationships."


Gabrehi stood up, shaking her head, her eyes penetrating right into mine. "Well? What is it?"


"Nothing short of world domination," I said. "By doing whatever I deem is necessary."


Sighing indignantly, Gabrehi threw up her arms and began to walk away. "Nektann, do you have a heart at all? Do you care about anybody but yourself?"


"Of course," I said. "Allies have to be made, a careful network of contacts, it's a necessary strategy. It's why my head isn't in stasis in some Dark Hunter base. And hey, you aren't a flattened paste stuck on a vehicle."


Gabrehi sat down a rock and began to cry into her hands. I stood over and began to walk away. "Goodbye Gabrehi. I have a world to conquer."


She began to yell at me as I strolled away. "You people, you aren't even alive! You are calculating mechanical robots! ROBOTS! Get off my planet you technological terror!"


I stopped for a second and turned around at here. "I have seen things you can't possibly fathom," I said. "I have faced beings with 50 more powers than I and won! I have commanded ships in sliver seas! I have assaulted the fortress of the Makuta! I have seen beings from other dimensions! I have led armies of Rahkshi, Skakdi, and more! I have looked death in the space and spat at it! You have lived in your little society, fighting each other over groves of plants! You are nothing Glatorian, NOTHING!"


"Then why can I do this!" she yelled, pulling a knife from a compartment in her armor and diving for me.


Now I admit, I was impressed. This was as impressive of an attack as Tahu gave to me (remind me that I need to kill him once I run this place), but sadly this Glatorian was no Tahu. I grabbed her and threw her to the ground, and stepped on the knife. I shrugged and put it on my combat belt. "So much ignorance," I said. "Who's the most powerful on this little planet?"


"Ackar..." she muttered. "He can control fire."


I burst into laughter. "Fire? Just fire? The Makuta had fifty powers, enough to make you instantly become a black hole, the Mask of Life can end all life in the universe on a whim! Artakha can create anything, with only an idea, and the Vahi could freeze time. You are nothing. Just a cute little tribe to use as slaves."


Suddenly a roar sounded throughout the valley and Gabrehi sprang to her feet, and ran to put her maroon helmet back on.


"And what is that?" I said, arms crossed.


"Do you want to know?" she said, scared to death. "Look behind you."


I turned and my jaw hung slack. For there was a giant reptilian dinosaur with laser targeting, bellowing right over us.

-Lord Nektann

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Chapter 3

Tobduk walked into the conference room of the most powerful beings in the universe. They were the Order of Mata Nui, and today they were face to face with the Great Spirit himself. Or as close as his mask got to being him anyway. Sitting on a rotating pedestal in the center of the room was the most dangerous piece of technology in the universe. The Ignika, the Mask of Life. It not only had the power to give life and obliterate it, but it also housed the spirit of Mata Nui. If the mask fell into the wrong hands, it would be very dangerous. Tobduk sat at the head of table.


"I call Spherus Magna Council Number 1 into session, presided over by Tobduk," he spoke. "May we begin. I assume you all know that we have lost contact with Helryx, Axonn, Brutaka, Hydraxon, and many others. Unfortunately their status is still unknown."


"If I might," said a member. "How do we plan to deal with Tahu and Ackar? They seem to be looking toward running this planet."


"That cannot be an option," Tobduk said. "They can be the public faces of the government, but we will truly decide how this planet will function. Onua has already dispatched a team to search for the Great Beings."


"Is that wise?"


"It is the will of Mata Nui," Tobduk responded. "It is not to be questioned."


"May I ask about an incident at the containment facility?" Another member asked. "Nektann escaped, and took a Glatorian with him."


"Trust me," Tobduk said. "Don't worry. The Order has it all under control. Mata Nui's will be done, Spherus Magna will be ours."



The reptile had to be four times the biggest Rahi I had ever seen. It snarled and looked directly at us, drool dripping from its mouth. Times like these I wished I was actually a Toa. I looked at Gabrehi, and began to coordinate in my mind what it would take to destroy it. If only I could shoot water jets without another Skakdi. Then I realized the one chance we had. I ran past Gabrehi to the mangled wreckage and began pulling it from the water.


"You're crazy!" she yelled. "A maniac! Now we're dead, dead, dead DEAD!"


"Oh no," I said. "Ever heard of the Tahtorak?"


"No," she said.

"Child's play compared to this," I lied. She's quite annoying. I'll need to kill her eventually.


I managed to pull out the motorcycle she was using from the completely trashed tan vehicle. I pressed controls and it started. Gabrehi ran over to me, then the reptile began to run over, moving down with its head. "Nektann!" she yelled. My feet hit a control and I began to spin crazily forward. The reptile's head hit right where I just was standing. I pressed harder, and the cycle moved faster. Primitive. Then I crashed right into Gabrehi and she flipped up and grabbed on the back edge. It appears even nature won't let me shake her. I drove under the belly of the beast into the jungle. I could feel the bike splintering underneath me. Shoddy construction. Where's the Protosteel? I could here the dinosaur chasing after us. Where did that word come from? No matter.


"I hate you," Gabrehi said.


"Put off by my devilishly good looks?" I asked, acutely aware of impending reptilian doom.


The reptile reached down and grabbed our cycle in its mouth. We rolled over so it was biting the cycle, and a massive wind began to blow. I looked down as the head began to rising, as the dinosaur prepared to turn us into a metallic salad. Then the wind grew stronger and the cycle, both us, was pulled from the jaws of the reptile. We hit the ground, and I could see the scared dinosaur running off into the distance. Groggily I looked up and saw a green-armored figure of us.


"You were in some deep-trouble there," he said. "I'm a Toa-hero Lewa."



We walked with Lewa, who seemed blissfully unaware that I had allied with Makuta. He heard some Skakdi did, but I maintained I was part of a rebel group. Conveniently, Gabrehi was still unconscious (we were both carrying her).


"So let me get this straight," Lewa said. "Makuta got head-hit and died by a fragment of a moon, the moon we used to live on."


"You could say," I said. "He got his fill of moonlight."


Lewa laughed. "Normally I wouldn't have saved you. Skakdi are disgusting-bad creatures." He set Gabrehi on the ground. "But I think you're lying. You did ally with Makuta." He pulled out his air sword. "That's deep-bad." I heard the howl of wind. "I'm sorry, but you're going to have to leave now."

-Lord Nektann

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Chapter 4

I moved around cautiously, knowing Lewa outmatched me. I ran it over in my head. He can create a tornado, I can't do anything. Him 1 Me 0. He can levitate and fly, I can only blind him Him 2 Me 0. He's a Toa Nuva and I can slide out of chains. Him 3 Me 0. He has a giant sword. I have a Glatorian knife. Him 4 Me 0. This isn't looking too hot.


"Look Lewa," I said. "I had to follow Makuta. Skakdi do what's in their best interest. And my best interest right now, is to just let you do your thing."


"Makuta is deep-bad," Lewa said. "A friend of Makuta is no friend of mine."


"Look," I said, formulating a lie. "You don't need to hurt me!"


"Sorry Nektann," said the To a Nuva of Air. "But I have to do this."


Have you ever been in a tornado. If the answer is no, I hope you don't wish for it any time soon. Lewa's tornado whipped me around in the air, and blew me far away from the scene. Ironically I landed in the river at the base of the giant waterfall, spray pelting my face. So much water, and none of it to control. I looked around, seeing the busted up remains of my vehicle I had stolen. Through the trees the Twin Suns were setting. I hate this planet.



Gabrehi pulled herself up and was staring at a semi-transparent visor showing a robot face. Naturally she screamed and punched the guy in his mask. And she ran away screaming into the darkness until she could run no more.



Sometimes when I feel down I execute a few captives. Really gets me in the mood. But right now...I looked up. And I saw it. There in the sky was a star unlike any other. It was red, and glowing with bright ferocity. I simply stared at the star, unwilling and in disbelief. The grass underneath me was wet, but I stood transfixed looking at the star. Back when I was in the war on Zakaz, there was a leader on theother side named Julum. Julum was a Skakdi of Air and led the biggest resistance force on my castle I had ever seen.


But I had a secret. Little robotic warriors known as Nektann. And trust me, they could pack a punch. But even with those, Julum had challenged me, me to a one-on-one duel. When he came to talk to be, he told me about something called the Red Star. He said he was sailing on the Silver Sea, when a massive serpent arose out of the water. This was before our mutations by Spiriah, and Julum told me he didn't fear me---didn't fear death. See, he said he thinks he was resurrected that night by the Red Star and came back to life. And if I killed him...he would only come back. Needless to say he ended the day snapped in half. And I never saw Julum again. But here was the mysterious star.


"Beautiful isn't it," I heard from behind me. I jumped and saw, naturally, ANOTHER Toa of Air.


"Lesovikk," he said. "Have you perhaps seen a man named Karzahni recently?"

-Lord Nektann

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