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Anyone remember back in 2005-2006 when Hasbro made these little toys on stands that click that can be used in a battle game called Attacktix? Those were my favorite toys back in the day, one reason why I decided to start the topic. Basically, let me give you a basic brief summary of its history here.


In 2005, the toy designers of Hasbro wanted to make a new game that didn't require boards or dice. After much brainstorming, they settled on Attacktix. For the rest of the year, they only did Star Wars, but expanded over to Transformers in 2006. With those two years, the game was pretty popular. They even jumped over to Marvel Comics, which made up their last line and they ended in 2006. You'll find more info on Wikipedia (I linked to its page on there.)


Now for my Attacktix experience.


Back in that time, I think I already had my first BIONICLE, Rahaga Bomonga. Whenever I had enough money to buy some decent toy, I would go to K-Mart and shop for a random toy. Back then, I did like Star Wars like any 7-year-old boy would, so I entered the Star Wars aisle and came across this new non-LEGO toy called Attacktix. It had some interesting looking figures and even promised a secret figure and a CD. Out of sheer curiosity, I bought it and took it into my room to analyze this strange new find. The result was a natural obsession. It quickly became my favorite toy and just had to buy more. The CD (which disappeared years ago) even taught me how to play the game. I believe I bought at least another Star Wars pack before buying a Transformers one. But shortly after that, Attacktix abruptly disappeared off of K-Mart's shelves. My interest for the game began to wind down until my teenage neighbor decided he was too old for the Attacktix figures he and his older brother had, so his mother handed them off to me (she gave me two giant tubs of LEGOs at another time). Something told me that her son like Attacktix more than I did, because his collection was more than twice as big as mine. The figures were new to me, and I even received two big ones. My love for the figures went on for about another year before I just moved on. But in seventh grade, a How-To project came up. How-Tos were presentations made by students in order to teach their peers how to do anything as long as it's legal. I looked back at my collection of Attacktix figures and taught my classmates how to play and even allowed the first kid who volunteered to come up in front of the class and challenge me to a game of Attacktix. And sure enough, the class jerk challenged me, as I have predicted days before. He must have had fun, because he made me skip snack break just to play another game. We even went back to class after eating lunch and played another game. We were friendly ever since. But I never played another game until I was in ninth grade. My bro and I went to my bro's teacher's house while she, her husband, and my parents went out for dinner and left us with the teacher's kid who was a year or two older than my 10-year-old bro. He loved Star Wars a whole lot, so I brought my Attacktix collection with me. We played a game and our friend enjoyed it (mostly because he won) and I promised him we would play another game in the future. But I haven't touched those toys after that night.


You can discuss the game here. Did you ever play it? Have you ever owned at least 1 Attacktix figure? What figures were in your collection? How did you come across Attacktix? Do you miss it? Any fun memories?

mindeth the cobwebs

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You are not alone!


I have some of these... I think I have 8 of them. I enjoyed this as a kid, though I didn't really have anybody to play it with. I wish I had gotten more of them. I had 5 transformers ones and 3 Starwars ones. I had: Darthvader, Optimus Prime, Megatron, Luke Skywalker, This little green transformers guy, Some sort of starwars walker with a Stormtrooper/Clone, And these two similar looking big transformers guys. One had four missiles on a gun, the other one had a claw... Man, that guy with the claw was unbeatable. It was hard to set up a strategy for him. I believe I used the little green guy or optimus prime to beat him. First I hit him so he was leaning (Part of his figure) then I used the little green transformers guy (Who was small but powerful, oh yeah just remembered his name was Crumplezone I think) to make it so the claw was as far back as possible, then I got the maximum spin attack momentum and BAM he fell.


So yeah, this was a fun game.. When I got into them though, they were pretty much not selling them, and I pretty much didn't care about the Marvel ones. Too bad...


Maybe I should buy some figures on eBay or something. Awesome game.

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