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Sinister Forces


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[Author's note: Sinister Forces takes place after the end of the official BIONICLE story, several years after Journey's End. This epic is told from the POV of Toa Itahnu, a Mage/Warrior person. He is going to have to do some interesting things. Read on! But first, you must now this: footnotes. an asterisk indicates one. Or, if there is more than one, a small number marks one. Such as, this: 1.]

Part I


Chapter 1

In a small-and I mean, really small- city somewhere east of Tesara, was a small residence in which a sort of wizard lived. This wizard was named Itahnu. Yes, you're speaking to him now. I assure you, anything and everything told in this story of mine is completely true. So, in this small dwelling was Yours Truly, simply practicing the ancient craft of Alchemy. Whilst mixing a healing potion, I decided to take a break from my work to check my mailbox. I walked outside and opened a metal box on a metal pole. Sure enough, there was a box marked, "Steel Wool!" I had ordered some of the substance to see if it actually existed. What magnificent and hardy livestock would produce wool made of steel!? So I excitedly opened the package before exclaiming, "This is not wool at all!*" It was a sort of wiry mesh, bundled into a small, brittle sphere of metal.


But, at that exact moment, a party of rough adventurers passed through. One gestured towards me, and said: "Say, you're a mage, right? We need a mage." An archer pulled on the man's sleeve, and said, "We don't have time to recruit random civilians to assist us. We already have a pyromancer." So, the group moved on.


Later that day, I bumped into an armored swordsman in the market. He simply stated, "Well, that was odd." and went on his way. It was much, much later that I realized this was something of significance. So I bought my groceries and went home. When my hut was reached, I found a piece of parchment on the ground at my feet. And so, I began to read...


[*Reference to The Last Stand: Union City.]

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Chapter 2

After a short period of time, I recognized what I was reading. It was some pages from Part 3, Ch. 1 of Modern Heretics(Updated and Revised) by Terkos Malnii. This is what the page read:


PART III: Power Items and Those who Search for them

Chapter I: Mitryu'kal1

Mitryu'kal is an ancient sword heard of in ancient legends. I have compiled information from a number of sources, including legends, tales. and people who claim to have seen the weapon with their very eyes. All of my information says that it is a sword of Daedric2 origin, with 5 runes inscribed on the edge of the blade. It is a known fact that it can absorb souls to increase it's power, and 84% of my sources say it can set it's wielder's opponents of fire. Some of my information claims that it has it's own intelligence, somehow, and that it actually craves and hungers for mortal souls. However, the details and size-and-shape of Mitryu'kal are quite shady. In this matter, most of my info was conflicting or cryptic. 52% of my sources say that the sword is incredibly light(which means it is one of the least dense objects in existence, provided it exists), 48.9% of my sources tell me it is a large, 5-foot-long claymore-like blade, 45.2% of my information states that it is a yard-long, 1-handed curved longsword, 33.3% of my sources say that it is an ethereal weapon which can phase in-and out-of the tangible world. 1 source says it is a dagger. There are


I flipped the page over but it was the end of the previous chapter(PART II: Notable Heretics, Chapter 7: Retokahnas the Devoted) On the back was a stick-note on which was scribbled: Keep an ear out. I simply threw the paper in the trash. I already knew of the "Bane of Souls", as I had already read that book for a research project into the Daedra. So, I sat down and thumbed through The Big Book of Dragons.

[1: Mih-tuh-row-KOWL, prounounced with a slight roll of the tongue at the "tuh-row"]

[2: An era of history where the Daedra took power and created many arcane technologies. The Daedric Era ended when a civil war destroyed their civilization and the Great Beings began their rise to power. The Spherus Magnian population did not know of the Daedra until a mining team found a cache of ancient weaponry.]

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