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The Amazing LEGO Axle Sorter

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I once tried to sort my LEGO bricks, but I never really got around to finishing. Now, LEGO engineer Akiyuki, who brought us the "Great Ball Contraption", amazes us again with his "LEGO Axle Sorter". The ingenious contraption accurately sorts axles dumped into it by size. What's even cooler is that it appears so simple after you've seen it. You can check out a video of the machine in action over here.http://www.bzpower.com/story.php?ID=5909]View the full article[/url]

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I always wonder the amount of dedication it takes to be able to produce such intricate mechanisms from mere plastic. Simply amazing work


And now that I think about it, if he just creates a big enough bucket, he could dump all his axles in that machine in the morning, and come back at lunch and his whole collection is sorted, all while he is doing other happy-go-lucky stuff. It's so useful, I wouldn't mind purchasing one for my collection

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Wow, that is really cool! It has always been a pain to sort things...that is a wonderfully-built mechanism. ^^

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slipped away...



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