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Pitch White


9:10 P.M.

"Another one bites the dust", thought a bearded man in his mid-forty's as he put the finishing touch on another novel, "send this copy to LEGO for review, and I can finally have that vacation I was thinking of having." He quickly checked Facebook for any updates. There was nothing there except a post telling him that something important was waiting for him on his BZPower account. "I'll look at it later", he thought. His thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a doorbell. While walking to the door, he wondered why someone would be at his house at that late an hour. When he opened the door, no one was there. He looked around for a moment, trying to find the person that knocked. When he looked down, he saw it. It was a small book. He picked it up to get a better look at it. It was a small, brown, leather-bound notebook with the Bionicle symbol on the cover. He opened it up and chuckled. The inside was covered with matoran symbols. "Probably some excited fan that wants to be mysterious", he thought. He combed through the notebook until he found something rather unusual.

A list of names and phone numbers.

This was possibly the only part of the notebook that was not written in matoran. It featured a lot of names that would seem like toa cover names.








"Wow. This fan really took the time to make this look like a giant conspiracy", the man thought. "Oh well. Maybe I'll call these numbers in the morning just for the fun of it". He left the notebook on the coffee table and went to his room for some sleep. Little did he know that that was his last night alive.

A/N: Wow! First Fic! And I kill off everyone's favorite writer off the bat for the sake of dramatic tension! What is this mysterious notebook? And who is the protagonist now that Greg Farshtey is dead? Find out next chapter! Don't forget to review here!

Edited by Jaysii

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