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Bionicle: The Legend of Makuta


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Bionicle: The Legend of Makuta


Free multiplayer shareware Doom Bionicle modification




Long before the arrival of the Toa Mata on Mata Nui Makuta Teridax has decided to invade the island of Stelt. He has sent out his Rahkshi to destroy the forces of the Steltian Lords and to bring the island on its knees. You are a Lehrak sent to accomplish this task with nothing else on mind than eliminating every enemy you cross. Do you have what it takes to achieve the potential your Kraata has set for you, or will you become just another casualty that nobody will care about? Decide the fate of the island Stelt in 9 action packed levels, with 6 different weapons facing 6 different enemies in this brand new FPS.


Download links:


The game itself:



ZDoom (required for singleplayer):



Instructions: Unpack ZDoom into the folder in which you have your Legend of Makuta wad.


Zandronum (required for multiplayer):



Instructions: Install Zandronum and sellect your Legend of Makuta wad as the main shareware Doom wad.






Staff of Poison


Basic melee weapon of every Lerahk. Without Berserk it isn't much to look at but once you find the black medikit it turns it into on of the most powerfull weapons in the game. Without Berserk it can be used against lone enemies but once you get a Berserk you shouldn't fear taking it into even a dense battle.




Damage (normal): 2-20

Damage (Berserk): 20-200

Shots pre minute: 123,5

Ammo: Infinite


Drill of Onua


Advanced melee weapon. The main power of this weapon is its ability to stun a target. Its rapid shots will stun most enemies with ease while damage quickly accumulates. Once it starts drilling it pulls the wielder towards his enemy, meaning that if the enemy is sufficiently resilient against stunning taking it into battle might be a risky approach.




Damage: 2-20

Shots per minute: 525

Ammo: Infinite




Basic ranged weapon. Every Rahkshi should make it his focus to replace this weapon as soon as possible. It is very weak and winning a larger battle with it is considered to be quite an achievement.




Damage: 5-15

Shots per minute: 150

Ammo: 200 (400 with backpack) = together with Cordak Blaster


Laser Crossbow


This is the most common ranged weapon seen among Rahkshi. It is reliable and powerfull, especially at close ranges. Ammo for this weapon is widely available on Stelt and therefore one should also use this weapon as a means to conserve ammo for more powerfull weapons.




Damage per shot: 35-105

Damage per pellet: 5-15

Ammo: 50 (100 with backpack)


Cordak Blaster


The cordak blaster is a very powerfull weapon. It's rapid fire stuns enemies relatively easily with damage quickly accumulating. There is no situation in which a cordak blaster would fail to provide solid performance. Its only problem is ammunition. Rapid shots tak a lot of ammo and so a Rahkshi should save the precious ammo for when he gets into a truly dense battle.




Damage: 5-15

Shots per minute: 525

Ammo: 200 (400 with backpack) = together with Firestaff


Squid Launcher


Originally intended for underwater combat, the Squid Launcher quickly found its way into land combat. It is a dangeroud weapon for both enemies and its wielder. If used carefully though it will quickly dominate the battlefield. Its most imposing ability is to hurt an aenemy even if the shot missed because of the large explosion a squid hitting something will cause, however stay too close and you might suffer a part of the hit that was intended for your enemy.




Direct damage: 20-160

Blast damage: 0-128

Direct hit damage (direct damage+blast damage): 148-288

Shots per minute: 105

Ammo: 50 (100 with backpack)






These aren't very powerfull enemies, however what they lack in strength they make up with patroling in large numbers. Because of the weakness of their projectiles they aren't an immediate threat but a Rahkshi should keep in mind that their attacks can't be dodged.




Health: 20

Stun chance: 78,13%

Damage: 3-15 (1-7 on the two lowest difficulties)




These enemies might not survive much, however their attacks are powerfull and impossible to dodge. If fighting a large battle a Rahkshi should make it his priority to kill all Vorzakh as soon as possible. The closer you are to a Vorzakh the more pellets of his attack will hit you.




Health: 30

Stun chance: 66,41%

Total damage: 9-45

Damage per pellet: 3-15




Profficient at all types of combat but master of none. Kohrak are dangerous if in big groups but don't pose much of a threat if alone because their ranged attack can be easily dodged if sufficient space is available. A Rahkshi should also keep in mind that this enemy can withstand considerably more damage than a Vahki.




Health: 60

Stun chance: 78,13%

Melee damage: 3-24

Ranged damage: 3-24




Never ever should a Rahkshi be cornered by a group of Nuhvok. While they don't have a ranged attack they are fast and have a powerfull melee attack. They also can withstand immense ammounts of punishment, so one should always have enough ammunition or a drill of Onua. However even that might not be enough if completely surrounded by these ferocious enemies.




Health: 150

Stun chance: 70,31%

Damage: 4-40


Partially invisible Nuhvok

No image available

This nuhvok is identical to a normal Nuhvok, however he is partially invisible and therefore much harder to spot.




Everything identical to a normal Nuhvok


Steltian Lord


This is it, if you've made it all the way to the residence of the lords of Stelt, you will get a chance to fullfill the destiny Teridax has set for you and defeat the Lords of Stelt. If you defeat these behemoths Stelt can be considered conquered, however that won't be an easy task seeing how powerfull the Lords are. They can withstand nearly everything, are horribly difficult to stun and they deal insane ammounts of damage too. The only chance is to stay away from them and dodge everything they'll fire on you.




Health: 1000

Stun chance: 19,53%

Melee damage: 10-80

Ranged damage: 8-64






You will need these items to open various doors on your mission.


Health Bonus


Gives you 1 health up to a total of 200 health




Gives you 10 health up to a total of 100 health




Gives you 25 health up to a total of 100 health


Berserker Pack


Gives you the Berserker ability to your Staff of Poison and also gives 100 health up to a total of 100 health


Armor Bonus


Gives you 1 armor of your actual armor type (basic if you have 0 armor) up to a total of 200 armor


Security Armor


Gives you 100 armor of the basic type up to a total of 100 armor (basic armor = a third of suffered damage absorbed by it)


Combat Armor


Gives you 200 armor of the advanced type up to a total of 200 armor (advanced armor = half of suffered damage absorbed by it)




Makes you able to carry twice the ammount of each ammunition type


Light Amplifying Visor


Lightens up all dark areas to normal light conditions for a period of time


Radiation suit


Protects you from the harming effects of radioactive waste pools for a period of time




Updates your map with data of the entire level




Gives you 100 health up to a total of 200 health


Partial Invisibility


Makes you partially invisible for a period of time




Makes you invulnerable for a period of time

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If that chaingun is actually a Cordak Blaster I will be one happy player.Nice to see a new game in this section, and nice to see a new genre as well. I don't think I've seen a BIONICLE-based FPS in action yet, modded from Doom or not. Once you get a working version up, I'll be more than happy to try it. :)

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Interesting. I've heard of any dreams and attempts to bring something like this to the FCG forum. I think if you concentrate on a core set of goals and expand from there, you could have a successful Bionicle fan-project on your hands. ^_^

"hey girl: here’s an idea, but… it’s up to you:

You’re the boss of this operation."

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Thanks, another reason why I chosen Doom is because it also has very good mapping programs. I plan on updating the game with new maps later on so that it won't get repetitive.


Btw, today I finished the conversion of the pinky demon into a Nuhvok. Right now I'm starting the conversion of the imp into a Kohrak :)

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This sounds like it'll be a blast. Never played Doom, but this will be fun when it's up. I'd be willing to be a tester if you need any

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I aim for a release date on the first of February. I have just completed the reskin of the imp into a Kohrak. This measn that 2 out of 6 characters have been reskinned. I have two new screen shots, the first showing a Kohrak next to a Nuhvok and the second one showing a classic Doom monster infight.





When the Kohrak was shooting at me I hid behind the Nuhvok. After the Kohrak shot the Nuhvok the Nuhvok retaliated and they started fighting. Letting enemies fight each other is a very important strategy if you are low on ammo :)

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Had a one day delay but I finally managed to finish the reskin of the Baron into a Steltian Lord. The Steltian Lord is by far the most powerfull enemy in the game. Here are two pics showing him and how he battles a Nuhvok:





This means that exactly a half of all the character sprites has been made. Now I need to only reskin the player, the Zombieman and the Shotgun Guy :)

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Today I made most of the secondary modifications to the original files. I'm glad to inform you that the game will be released earlier than I thought. I plan to release it this Friday (25.1.2013). Once it is released please report any bugs you encounter in this thread :)


Note: I'd like to ask a moderator to change the title of this thread into Bionicle: The Legend of Makuta because I changed the storyline. The game will not be set on the island of Mata Nui but on the island of Stelt. This is because the color limitations of the Doom engine made my Mata Nui textures to look kinda messy :(

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Nope, you don't have to own Doom. This is a modification of the shareware version which means that all its content can be distributed freely. The only thing you'll need are ports so that it'll run on a modern comnputer. For multiplayer you need Zandronum, while for singleplayer you need ZDoom (singleplayer can be played through Zandronum too but it is more difficult to set it up). Both of these ports are free and can be downloaded on their official webpages :)

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Last pre-release update. I have reskinned the Shotgun Guy into a Vorzakh and edited the weapons and other secondary sprites. The only thing that remains to be done is reskin the player and his famous Doom faces into a Lerahk. I have a lot of articles to make right now so free time is sparse, which means that I'm one day behind schedule. The plan now is that this Saturday (26.1.2013) I'll release the game while this Sunday (27.1.2013) I'd like to make a final test of the multiplayer component. The singleplayer will 100% work as it should but the multiplayer must be tested because I had to use less conventional modding procedures. Doom mods are normally made via secondary wad files. However ID software didn't bother to include secondary wad attachment protocols in the Shareware version. That is why I had to edit the primary wad directly. Now if I would make functional changes to it, it would be incompatible with Zandronum and wouldn't work in multiplayer, however since I made only aesthetic changes and the functional data of the game remains the same it should work. Yesterday I tried to start a server and it worked but I want to check it a second time, this time with more people whether it truly works ^_^


This means that I need to assemble a Beta testing team which will gather one evening in Zandronum and test wether the multiplayer works as it should. If any of you'd like to help me with this, let me know in this thread. Also, we're gonna need instant messaging for the test. Since atm I don't have an account in any instant messaging programs let me know which one you use and I'll create an account in the program that most of you folks use.


And at the end, I'll show you how the Vorzakh looks. It looks more like a Rorzakh becauseč of the color limits in the Doom engine but it still can be recognized. It's far stronger than the Keerakh both in hit points and damage dealing. I will start a guide on the game in the first post tomorrow so there all the technical details will be listed :)




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I have just finished writing the guide. It is in the first post of this thread. Now the game is completely finished and ready for playing. the only thing that remains is to play it and meet in Zandronum to play it online :) I uploaded the wad on Mega so that it doesn't have the annoying mail system ^_^

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