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So let me tell you something about the Turaga


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Talking to Janus about how 2005 was one of the best things ever and I wrote this on the spot trying to explain. He said to turn it into a story but I think this is as effective as it's going to get for me. This one's for you, Rob.So let me tell you something about the Turaga.Way back in Metru Nui,they were Toa.Toa who became monsters.After all they had facedthey came back to their cityand now it's infested.That was the Toa realizing that sometimes,they can't protect what they love.Fighting a losing battleagainst everyone and everything.They saw their city reduced to cobwebs.They saw their own kind betray them in primal madnessand they can't forget that.So they step back into their cityunrecognizable,irreconcilable.The streets are empty save for the clatter of Visorak crawling back to their webs.Something's out there in the shadows but they don't care.Vakama visits the forge where he once worked as a Matoranand finds, perhapsthe shell of a Vahkistrangled by a withering vine that trails off into the furnace,and he remembers all that the city had faced and wonand how much they lost.But all he can see now are these websall leading straight back to the Coliseum.Wrapped around the statue of his hero, the great Lhikan.Defacing the Great Temple where they were transformedinto the Toa Metru, defenders of their city.They who were once hunted and imprisoned by their own leader.And now there's nothing they can do to save their city.There's no coming back home.There will only be the bitter taste of victory,followed by a short farewell,then they will turn their backs to the cityand condemn it to entropy.And this!They win the battle!Their true forms are restored!Their friends are saved!As they head out to board the boat,Whenua glimpses the entrance to the Archives.He imagines the terrifying beasts once caged belowand he wonders what is happening to them now;mutant behemoths screaming in the dark.But there's nothing therejust an open entranceand a silence.So they board the boatand push offnone of them look back as they try not to thinkabout what once happenedabout their fellow Matoranwho will remember nothing of the glory of Metru-Nuiand so they live out their liveson the tropical paradise of Mata-Nuisuppressing these memories.Ignoring the instinct to share old jokes with their brothers and sisters.Because none of them remember,none but these six.And when they hold council,it starts with a look shared from one to the next.Sometimes Matau starts it,sometimes Nuju.But none of them want to say it.Nobody wants to speak the one thought shared by all:"Remember Metru-Nui?"


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hey it's Studio Comic

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