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Lesovikk's Hiatus: Duty by Toa Jalokim

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Lesovikk walked through the jungle of the island. To be quite honest, he knew close to nothing about his location. All he knew was that he was on some remote southern island which had no use to anyone.


The perfect place to be exiled. Lesovikk thought to himself.


“Hey you! Toa!”


The voice came from behind Lesovikk. Whoever it was, he couldn’t have been addressing Lesovikk, for Lesovikk was no Toa, or so he believed.


The voice came again. This time louder.


“You! The one in the green armor! Over here!”


Lesovikk turned around. Who would possibly want me? I am no Toa! If I couldn`t save one life, how could I protect hundreds of Matoran?


“I am no Toa, you must be looking for someone else.” Lesovikk replied to the stranger.


When Lesovikk actually got a good look at the stranger, he recognized him as a Toa of fire. An extremely loud one, at that. He wore a red Hau, and had a gold Hue. He carried a unique fire sword.


“Well, you certainly look the part of a Toa! Opps, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Jalokim, Toa of fire, at your service.” The stranger said.


The Toa seemed cheerful, but his facial expression had the look of sadness. Something terrible had happened.


“Jalokim. I can tell something is troubling you, what did I miss?” Lesovikk replied.


Jalokim’s smile turned to a frown.


“You don’t know? Where have you been? Come, I’ll tell you somewhere we can rest.”


With that, Jalokim gestured deeper into the jungle. Eventually they found a few rocks they could sit on and talk. Jalokim explained that he had just fought in a war. Not just any war, but the Toa-Dark Hunter war. He explained that the war started when the Dark Hunters wanted to secure a base in Metru Nui, but when Turaga Dume refused, the Shadowed One sent an army of Dark Hunters to take it by force. However, one of the Toa protecting the island managed to slip past the army and get about two-hundred Toa to come help. Jalokim was one of those two-hundred. After suffering heavy casualties, and Jalokim losing the leader of his Toa team, one Toa named Nidhiki ended the war when he betrayed the Toa to the Dark Hunters. However, Lhikan, leader of the Toa legion, saw this and had a counter-ambush for the Dark Hunter’s ambush. The Dark Hunters were able to leave peacefully, as long as they took Nidhiki with them.


“So that’s the story. But just a quick question, why weren’t you there?” Jalokim asked me.


“The answer is simple, I am not a Toa.”


“Hmph. You didn’t need to be a Toa to help out.”


“If I hesitated for one second in that war, I would have failed my brother Toa and get them killed. That’s why I didn’t help out. I’m not worthy to be a Toa.”


Jalokim didn’t seem convinced.


I asked him why he came to this island. Toa don’t come here for no reason.


“That’s a funny story, actually. I received a message from a Makuta stating that he needs a team of Toa to protect him, and I was chosen to lead the team. Turns out that there is a Makuta positioned at every island. And the one I’ve been assigned to rules this island. But enough about me, what about you? What brings you here?”


“Toa are supposed to protect others. Since I can’t do that, I came to a place where I can’t cause any more harm.”


“I couldn’t save my brother Toa, but did I give up on saving others? No! You need to learn from whatever mistakes you’ve made and push on!”


“That’s exactly what I’m doing. I can’t fail if I’m not in the way.”


Jalokim shook his head.




He started to walk away, but turned around at the last second.


“Uhhhh, you don’t suppose you can direct me to the Makuta, can you?”


At that moment, a shadow fell over us. We then heard a voice, but it wasn’t that of a Toa’s, this one had a darker tone to it, almost as if it threatened to destroy us, yet at the same time was masked with a voice as calm as the breeze on a beach.


“Welcome future Toa Hagah. I am not the best at remembering names of those other than my brother Makuta, but I am sure I have not called for you, Toa of air.”


Why won’t anyone listen to me?! If I can’t protect a single life, I can’t do the duty of a Toa!


“Regardless, you still look the part of a Toa. It does not matter to me if you can’t protect Matoran.”


Lesovikk was surprised. I didn’t say anything, how could this voice possibly have replied to me?!


“Your ignorance radiates from your Kanohi. I am Makuta Sekatala. A Makuta has the ability to read minds. Hence, I acknowledged your mental comment.”


“The other Toa Hagah will be here shortly,” The Makuta continued.


Soon enough, five other Toa arrived. Two of them Jalokim seemed to recognize, since he was able to call them by their name. The one called Ailuj was a Toa of electricity and wore a white Akaku. The other one, known as Saitamm, was a Toa of plasma and wore an orange Pakari.


Since it was obvious Lesovikk wasn’t meant to be here, he decided to just leave and let these Toa “Hagah” do their thing. Since they were all distracted by the new armor and Toa-Tools given to them by the Makuta, no-one seemed to notice Lesovikk leaving the small clearing.


I’m glad to be out of that mess. Well, back to searching for some shelter..




A few hours later, Lesovikk was startled when a tree suddenly caught fire next to him


“What in Mata Nui’s name was that?!”


Lesovikk turned around and was surprised to see Jalokim’s team of Toa Hagah.


“Are you mad?! What are you doing?!” Lesovikk shouted.


The one called Saitamm was the one to answer.


“Sekatala told us to subdue anyone that’s on this island. So, that’s what we came to do.”


“We aren’t supposed to tell him that, Saitamm!” The Toa Hagah of Ice said to him.


Jalokim looked at Lesovikk.


“The reason Sekatala wants you captured and probably killed is that we are supposed to be a secret team. If anyone finds out about us, Sekatala will be killed by the other Makuta for treason.”


The Toa of ice seemed annoyed.


“Jalokim! What are you doing?! We are trying to prevent him from finding out more secrets!”


“Lesovikk should at least know why we are doing this. Toa are supposed to STOP death, not cause it.”


“Well, I plan to follow through with Sekatala’s orders, even if I have to break the Toa code to do it!”


With that, the Toa of ice hurled an ice bolt at Lesovikk. Lesovikk dodged just in time and retaliated with a cyclone. The force of the whirlwind sent the Toa of ice flying. In the confusion that followed, Lesovikk quickly escaped.


Lesovikk ran for about 10 minutes. He then decided to go hide in the nearest tree. Why would Makuta Sekatala consider me a threat? What would I do? I have no intention of revealing these “Toa Hagah”!


After hiding in the tree for a solid 20 minutes, Lesovikk decided to get down and escape this island. However, Jalokim appeared as soon as he stepped down. By instinct Lesovikk threw a mini cyclone at him.


“WOAH! Listen, I didn’t come here to kill!” Jalokim said.


“Then why are you still looking for me?”


“I was going to challenge you to a duel, if you win, you may leave the island safely. If I win, I’ll take you directly to Sekatala. Do we have a deal?”


Lesovikk pondered this for a minute. Jalokim seemed to have a sense of honour, unlike that Toa of ice.






Lesovikk and Jalokim stood ten bio apart. Jalokim charged at Lesovikk, but Lesovikk flipped over the attack. Jalokim turned around and swung his Advanced Fire Blade. Lesovikk blocked it with his air sword and the two were in a blade lock. Jalokim stepped back and Lesovikk’s force propelled him forward. Jalokim was about to swing his Fire Blade at Lesovikk while he was on the ground, but Lesovikk tripped Jalokim. When they were both back up, Jalokim split his Fire Blade into twin Fire Swords.


“You like it? Sekatala modified my old fire sword so it can combine with an identical one. But I can just as easily split them apart.”


Jalokim split and swung his twin Fire Swords at Lesovikk. Lesovikk was able to block the first one, but wasn’t in time to block the other. Jalokim tripped Lesovikk and pointed his Fire Sword at his throat.


“I win.”


Lesovikk would not believe what happened next. Instead of hauling him to Sekatala, Jalokim extended his hand.


“I never believed in the unnecessary murder of innocent beings. Being a Makuta, Sekatala doesn’t understand the Toa code.”


“What? You’re letting me go?”


“Of course, I need to keep my honour, and you need to keep yours. You can’t do that if you are dead, now could you?”


Lesovikk was surprised that this Toa would defy his Makuta. Sekatala can easily read Jalokim’s mind.


“I know I’m taking a risk in trying to save you, but isn’t that what being a Toa is all about?” Jalokim said.


Lesovikk thought about Jalokim’s words. I hadn’t taken a risk when I needed to. I am obviously not fit to be a great Toa like Jalokim,


Jalokim put a hand on Lesovikk’s shoulder and continued.


“Lesovikk, remember these words. Never forget what you are, who you are. If we lose that, we lose our duty. And a sense of duty is what keeps us apart from Dark Hunters or mindless rahi. Remember that, and you can push through anything.”


Lesovikk was shocked at how wise this Toa of fire was. Perhaps I can work to be a better Toa, and when I am, the first thing I’ll do is check in on my old Matoran friends.


“Anyway, you should get going Lesovikk! That Toa of ice on my team can be as annoying as a fireflier when it comes to orders!”

With that, Jalokim led Lesovikk to the boat he used to get here. They said their farewells and parted ways. But Lesovikk learned something important that day. He learned that being a Toa isn’t only about protecting the innocent, but it’s also about never giving up, and never forgetting the three virtues.


One day, Jalokim will become the greatest Toa who ever lived!


Lesovikk sailed in the direction of the island belonging to his old friends Sarda and Idris. Unfortunately, when he got there, he found that the Turaga had gone mad and sent the entire population to Karzahni. Lesovikk spent the next months trying to get past the manas guards. Of course, he never gave up, for a true Toa would never.






Edited by toa jalokim

Need a voice over done? PM me or reach me at mikolajdudek@gmail.com!



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