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Mystery Pens from 2001

Dropship pilot

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Hi, everyone,


Way back in 2001 I got some BIONICLE-themed pens as a gift. I haven't seen any mention of these on BS01 or the various unofficial online LEGO catalogs, so I figured I'd post here to see if anybody knows about these.




The pens are pretty standard. They're made of glow-in-the-dark plastic and have pictures of Onua, Kopaka, and Tahu printed on them. (The printing isn't all that great.) According to the clip, they're made by National Design, a company that makes promotional pens. If I remember right, they came in a pretty nondescript plastic wrapper and were purchased at the Chicago LEGO Store.


Does anybody know if these were sanctioned by LEGO itself, or are a one-off for the Chicago store?


Gallery, when public.


I know that these aren't very exciting, but I'm curious all the same.




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Guest Takua the Chronicler7

I'm guessing that since they're made by a company that makes promotional pens, that they were made by the request of Lego to promote Bionicle, which was new at the time.

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These are pretty cool. I've never seen these before. :o

Yeah, seems like LEGO made lots of little-known promotional items.

Should have a Barraki keycord around here somewhere, and I haven't seen all that many search results for that either. (BZPower: 0; Google: 1)

I have a set of Hordika magnets, which aren't that common either.

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This is quite interesting:



Monday, May 27, 2002
redhomeicon.gif 6 Toa Pens now at Zany Brainy Locations
By Rich, BZPower Administrator
The 6 Toa Pens have shown up in Zany Brainy locations in New York and New Jersey. Presumably the pens are now at Zany Brainy stores nationwide. They cost $14.99, which is the MSRP of the pens.


Source: http://bzpower.com/archive.php?archive=&amonth=5&ayear=2002&submit.x=23&submit.y=3

I'm back!

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