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There once was a Makuta, who liked nothing more than to create reptilian beasts, ones with wings or fins. Sadly, he had an unfortunate accident, falling into a vat of Energized Protodermis with a three-headed version of one of his creations... What happened next, wasn't quite typical...

It formed...

Viraxuis, Hydra Warrior


There's a quick backstory, not that it really matters. What matters is the MOC, so here.


Front (A bit blurry)

Legs Close-Up (Sideways)

Brandishing mutated arm

Back (Sideways)

Are You Scared, Little One?

And, of course, one can't have any dragon-related thing without some Firepower.


Gallery when public.

C&C accepted!






They call me Zakaro. You should too.

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